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5 Data Management Labs Apps for Admins


Data management is crucial to keeping records organized and easily accessible, and to having the information needed to respond to your customers’ needs. In our connected world, it’s become more important than ever to provide personalized experiences for your customers—and having the right data is key. Luckily, AppExchange and Salesforce Labs are here to help.

Since 2006, Salesforce Labs has helped employees bring their own innovations to AppExchange, the world’s leading cloud-based enterprise, and solve customer pain points with fast, easy solutions. With free, employee-built solutions from Salesforce Labs, you can find tons of customizable apps to help solve some of your common business challenges.

Check out these five handy Salesforce Labs solutions that admins can use to take control of their data.

Excel Upload

We love solutions that make data migration easy. The Excel Upload component is an essential tool for any admin who’s tasked with migrating data between systems. With this component, you can upload and extract data from Excel sheets directly into Salesforce, and populate fields with data exported from the original spreadsheet cells. It’s also mobile-ready, so you can upload your data from anywhere. Get the app here.

Excel Upload Labs App Screenshot

Mass Delete

When’s the last time you did deep data cleaning? Managing your data can take on several different forms, be it creating, editing, or deleting. Handling a few records is easy peasy, but how can you streamline your data management when handling hundreds upon hundreds of them? Say hello to Mass Delete! This utility gives users a way to delete multiple records at once, and can be beneficial for your data cleaning. Get the app here.

List of contact records and the Mass Delete option

List Editor

Have you ever wondered about how you can streamline your data entry processes for your entire team? Look no further than the List Editor component on AppExchange. Now, you can create and edit multiple records in bulk, and deploy it anywhere in Lightning Experience or Experience Cloud. Boost productivity by allowing agents to create and edit multiple records at once. This feature also includes a fully responsive design optimized for mobile use, as well as various branding capabilities. Get the app here.

The Bulk Edit screen for accounts

Record Clone

If you find yourself in a position where you need to duplicate your records, we have your back! Record Clone makes duplication of records a breeze. Clone records and child records with just one click, while keeping your related records linked together. It also includes formatted child record names to help you save time in your data duplication processes. Get the app here.

Cloning records with child objects

Time Warp

Get ready to interact with your records in a whole new way. The wildly popular Time Warp component allows users to view all related records in one interactive timeline. Scroll, zoom, hover and click your way to visualizing a complete picture of your customer data. This Lightning web component shows you a unified view of all your related records for Contacts, Accounts, Cases, and more through one beautiful, customizable timeline. Plus, it’s equipped with unique filtering abilities, so your agents can find exactly what they need when they need it. Get the app here.

Start using Labs Apps to manage your data today

Go forth and manage your data with confidence! Be sure to follow Salesforce Labs on Twitter to stay updated on new solutions added to the AppExchange marketplace. The community is always bringing new innovation to the platform. You can also explore more apps from Salesforce Labs. Appy loves feedback, so if you’ve tried any of these solutions, be sure to leave a review on AppExchange.



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