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6 New Videos to Help You Understand Flow Builder


You asked for more videos about Flow Builder concepts—and we delivered. Consider this the highly anticipated sequel to our 5 New Videos to Help You Understand Tricky Flow Concepts blog post.

These are videos I wish I had when learning about flows. Confession: I’m still learning, especially since Flow Builder is so robust. And, if you haven’t noticed, just about every Salesforce release offers something new with flows. We made these videos to assist all Flow learners. Maybe you’re just scraping the surface of Flow Builder. Maybe you’re a seasoned Flow professional (flowfessional?!). Either way, you’re bound to learn something useful.

Video 1: Why Automate with Flow Builder?

Ah, starting off with the big question. Why automate with Flow Builder? Simply put, automation ensures reliability and efficiency in your org. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. But wait wait wait…the question was why automate with Flow Builder. The video below answers that question and a few more like: What makes Flow Builder so special? How can it help you save time? How does any of this relate to goat herding?

Video 2: Flow Builder vs. Process Builder

Process Builder, Flow Builder, bodybuilder, Bob the Builder… All these builders just run together. Never fear, this video breaks down the similarities and differences between Process Builder (our previous automation tool) and Flow Builder (our latest and greatest automation tool). Sorry, you’ll have to look up bodybuilding and Bob the Builder on your own. But after watching this video, it’ll be obvious that the sheer horsepower of Flow Builder makes it the future of your automation needs.

Video 3: Fast Field Updates vs. Actions and Related Records

Is there more than one way to update a record in a record-triggered flow? The answer is yes, very much yes. It all depends on what the automation is trying to achieve, which brings up a few more questions. When is the right time to use Actions and Related Records? Is there a wrong time to use Fast Field Updates? Is it lunch time? Watch the video below to get all the answers.

Video 4: Scheduled Paths

What’s a scheduled path? Think of drinking coffee exactly 10 minutes after you wake up every morning. It doesn’t matter when you get up, just as long as 10 minutes later you’re drinking coffee. Well, that’s a scheduled path. The triggering action is you waking up, the specified time duration is 10 minutes, and the resulting action is drinking coffee.

Now think about it in terms of Flow Builder. You can set an action to execute at a specific time interval. Watch the video below and see how a scheduled path can give your org a caffeinated boost.

Video 5: Types of Variables

Another video about variables? Yes! There’s always more to learn about variables in Flow Builder: variable types, restrictions on how variables can be collected together, and so much more. We could create several more videos about variables and still not fully cover the topic. Watch the video below and build a collection of variable knowledge.

Video 6: Debug

If you haven’t already met debug, then say hello to your new best friend. Flow Builder debug helps you identify, isolate, and correct issues in your automations (you know, just like a best friend does). Watch the video below to learn how your new BFF can help you remove a symbolic sandcastle in your sandbox… org.

Keep learning

Enjoyed these videos and looking to get hands-on with Flow Builder? We’ve got a badge for that! The Flow Basics badge was recently updated and is a great place to start your Flow journey (flowrney?!).

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