Text that says "Introducing Flow in Slack" next to a visual representing Flow in Slack.

Introducing Flow in Slack


As Salesforce Admins, you love to automate all the things, which is why we’re so thrilled to share how Salesforce is expanding the Flow Automation Suite! The exciting news at TrailblazerDX is all about the innovations in Flow, the complete suite of automation technologies, to help you quickly automate complex business processes on Salesforce’s low-code platform. With these new features, you can continue to deliver business value fast by empowering people, simplifying processes, and integrating systems.

In this blog, we’ll dive into one such innovation—Flow in Slack. Specifically, we’ll discuss how you can use Flow in Slack to bring automation to any Slack conversation—and bring Slack to your Salesforce automation. Flow in Slack combines the collaboration of Slack with the power of Salesforce low-code automation tools to invoke rich business processes built in Flow right inside of Slack, where work and collaboration is already taking place.

What does this mean for admins?

With Flow in Slack, you can use your existing knowledge of how to build guided experiences with screen flows, backed by declarative logic and actions. Use clicks to build Slack experiences that integrate with your Salesforce data and business processes. This is incredibly powerful, and it means admins can continue to build business-critical solutions.

What is Flow in Slack?

Flow in Slack contains two key tools that help admins automate with the power of Flow and Slack.

First, Screen Flows in Slack

Admins want to meet users where they are. At many companies, business users are having critical conversations and discussions in Slack. With Screen Flows for Slack, admins can ensure users accomplish Salesforce-focused tasks right in Slack. That way, admins can collect input and data from Slack users, and update Salesforce seamlessly.

Whether you want to help your users add call notes, update opportunities, or modify a contact record, you can build a guided screen flow in Slack using the Flow tooling you know and love. Then, deploy the screen flow directly to users so they can engage with it in their Slack window, input information, receive guided steps, and update Salesforce records without ever leaving Slack.

Slide with to computer monitors and text that says "Collect User Input with Screen Flows in Slack." Below this text it says "Meet Your Users where work happens: Within Salesforce and Within Slack."

Slack Actions

With Slack Actions, admins can use the power of Flow to make it easier for users to collaborate in Slack. Slack Actions are available when you build flows. With this feature, you can automate changes to happen directly in Slack based on a flow triggering. Keep your users updated on the latest news, and proactively communicate important messages to teams that might otherwise be missed; for example, send an alert to a Service team if a certain number of new cases are created. Here are some other Slack Actions you can build directly into your flow:

  • Auto-create a channel: Create a channel when an opportunity changes and invite all relevant stakeholders to collaborate on next steps. Admins can automate who gets added to the channel, so everyone is able to participate.
  • Auto-send messages: Send default messages related to an account status, and pin that message to ensure new and existing members can find it.
  • Auto-archive channels: Check Slack channel status and auto-archive any open channel when an Opportunity stage is Closed.

Slide that says “Automate Communications Using Slack Action in Flow. Take the guesswork out of collaboration — Auto-create a channel, auto-send messages, and auto-archive channels.

What’s next

Slack Actions in Flow will be GA in Summer ’22, and Screen Flows in Slack is coming to Beta in Summer ’22. Stay tuned for the Admin Release Preview and the Summer ’22 Release timeline so you can get hands-on with these great features soon!


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