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Learn MOAR in Spring ’22 with Release Highlights for Admins 🌷


Join us and discover the new Spring ’22 Release features for admins and developers. We know each release brings with it lots of amazing new functionality and there can be a lot to digest. With Learn MOAR, we’re packaging the release and bringing it to you in an easy-to-digest format with blogs, videos, and more.

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Spring ’22 is in the air!

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5 Spring ’22 Release highlights for admins

With every release, we deliver features that not only help boost user efficiency but also improve your productivity as an admin. Tune into Release Readiness Live: The Admin Preview on February 4. You’ll see a handful of valuable features for admins, like new Flow enhancements including the (beta) workflow rule migration tool and Flow trigger explorer, Orchestrator becoming generally available (GA), and features to ensure your organization is secure. Here are five admin enhancements you should also be aware of as you prepare your org for Spring ’22.

Get ready for the multi-factor authentication (MFA) requirement

As a reminder, starting February 1, 2022, all users accessing Salesforce via direct login will be required to use either Salesforce’s MFA or your single sign-on provider’s MFA service. MFA is when a user must provide two or more pieces of evidence to verify their identity to gain access to a user account. The first factor is something they know, like their username/password. The second is something they have access to, like the Salesforce Authenticator app or a physical security key. To learn more about implementing MFA for your organization, type “MFA” in the Quick Find Setup and select the Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant.

Say goodbye to static goals with dynamic gauge charts (GA)

You spoke (via Ideas), and we heard you. This top-voted customer idea of the Winter ’22 Release with more than 14,000 points is now GA! Dashboard gauge charts are fantastic for tracking your performance and business goals. Your business is constantly changing, and having static goals or performance metrics just doesn’t cut it. Dynamic gauge charts give you the flexibility to view your measure and target in real time. After adding a gauge chart in the dashboard builder, select Dynamic mode rather than Standard mode. Using Dynamic mode, you can control the chart measure (indicated by the pointer), the chart target, and the maximum value in the chart. If you want to use fixed values to create the gauge chart, go with Standard mode.

Dynamic gauge feature

View and improve slow desktop record pages from the Lighting Usage App

With enhancements to the Lightning Usage App, you can now view all slow desktop record pages with an estimated performance time of 5 seconds or longer from a single spot. Plus, you can access instructions for improving them directly in Lightning App Builder.

The performance prompt in Lightning App Builder with the Tablet tab shown.

Check out Your Account app enhancements

Salesforce Checkout is retired and replaced with the Your Account app, a new self-service solution for managing your Salesforce subscriptions easily and quickly from within your Salesforce org.

The Your Account app home page.

Your billing users can access the Your Account app using one of 100 free Identity licenses, rather than full Salesforce licenses and the Your Account App Admin User permission set.

New user setup with Identity selected as the User License and Identity User as the Profile.

The permission set with Your Account App Admin User selected.

You can use the Your Account app to manage your renewals. Ninety days before the end of a contract, the app will show a message on the Your Account app home page and contract details page. You can view the contract, confirm renewal, make changes, or decide not to renew up to 7 days before the renewal date.

Highlighting the Subscription Time Remaining on the contract list page in the Your Account app.

Contract status, billing frequency, contract end date, auto-new status, and subscription time remaining are available without needing to expand your contract to view more.

Encrypt users’ email addresses (GA)

Email addresses are considered personally identifiable information (PII). As a security-minded admin, you should protect PII data. You can now use Shield Platform Encryption on the user email field for customers who purchased Salesforce Shield or have Salesforce Event Monitoring add-on subscriptions. This field supports both probabilistic and deterministic encryption schemes.

These are just a few of the many Spring ’22 features admins should be aware of. Be sure to check out Admin Evangelist Jennifer Lee’s Top Spring ’22 Release Features for even MOAR awesome features for admins and users.

Don’t forget to watch the Spring ’22 Admin Preview Live on February 4 during Release Readiness Live to see demos of a subset of these new, exciting features. Also, be sure to check out the Learn MOAR Spring ’22 for Admins Trailmix and follow along on the blog this week for more Learn MOAR!

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