Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast, I sit down for coffee with fellow Admin Evangelists Gillian Bruce and Josh Birk. Join us as we chat about the Summer ‘23 release, Einstein GPT, and what makes a Dreamforce speaker submission stand out.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with the Admin Evangelist Team.

Summer ’23 release

May is coming to an end, which means the Summer Salesforce Release is just around the corner. The team has been hard at work on content to help you get up to speed on everything you should know. Check out the on-demand Release Readiness Live videos for Admins and Devs, and the Learn MOAR Quests.  

We talk through some features we’re looking forward to, both large and small, from horizontal alignment on dynamic fields to custom property editors. There’s a lot to look forward to!

Einstein GPT

There’s been some buzz about Salesforce and AI lately, specifically the announcement of Einstein GPT. We already have some content out there about what admins can do with it right now, but there’s a whole lot more info coming soon.

As more and more AI is incorporated into Salesforce, what we do as admins is naturally going to shift and change. Some things will definitely become easier to accomplish, but the value we bring in understanding business processes and translating them into a solution that works will be even more critical.

Submit to present in Dreamforce 2023

We’re currently looking for presenters for the Admin Track for Dreamforce 2023. As someone who reviews submissions, I recommend focusing on a few quality abstracts that you’re really excited about instead of trying to apply with every idea you can possibly think of. As I say in this episode, “It’s not about the number of cupcakes you show up with, it’s about the quality of the cupcake.”

If you’re looking for ideas, a good place to start is in the Trailblazer community. If people are talking a lot about something over there, it’s probably going to be a topic we want to cover. And be sure to listen to the full episode for more about the “Build a Blog” series, and the theory that the Flintstones actually takes place after the Jetsons.

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Full show transcript

Mike: Okay. So I often describe this podcast to guests as we’re just going to sit down and chat about this stuff over coffee. Don’t be nervous. The more I thought about it the more I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we just got people together and sat around and chat over coffee because I think people would want to sit around and have coffee with us? That doesn’t sound too narcissistic, does it?

Josh: No.

Mike: I’d like to think people want to have coffee with us.

Gillian: Coffee chat.

Mike: This is us having coffee as the final episode for May.

Josh: Thanks.

Mike: Welcome back Gillian and hello Josh.

Josh: Hello everybody.

Gillian: Hello, hello.

Mike: I’ve had a lot more coffee than you guys have apparently.

Josh: Yes. And it’s noon here so that’s … I’m slow today. I’m catching up as well.

Mike: I’m having my midday coffee. It’s the midday coffee that … I grew up rural where my grandpa was a farmer, there was always coffee in the house.

Josh: Oh, yeah.

Mike: Always. 110 outside, 80% humidity, he’d come inside for a cup of coffee.

Josh: If I wasn’t a coffee drinker before college the psychology department at Wesleyan would’ve converted me into one. I have seen gas stations less equipped to handle giving out free coffee to people. They had two industrial-sized brew masters that were working around the clock. It was the liquid fuel for the 8:00 AM Cognitive Psychology talk type thing. My midday coffee’s getting me out in the morning, basically.

Gillian: Well, I went with a green tea today.

Mike: Gillian, you don’t do coffee, do you Gillian?

Gillian: No. I’m a tea drinker so I want the green tea. It doesn’t have quite as much caffeine as a Earl Grey or an English breakfast but I’ve got too little so I’ve already been up for six hours so we’re good.

Mike: Since yesterday.

Josh: Right. Right.

Mike: Sleep time.

Gillian: Is it still Sunday? It feels like it’s Sunday. No.

Mike: Right.

Josh: It’s a blursday after the pandemic, absolutely.

Gillian: A blursday, yes. That’s great, Josh.

Josh: What is it? Green oolong and black tea all come from the same leaf.

Gillian: Oh, is it just the maturation of the leaf or something?

Josh: It’s how long that they are left out in the sun or something like that, and then they crop them at different times.

Gillian: Well, there you go. See, things we learn. It’s an educational podcast, not just about Salesforce everyone.

Mike: Nope. I stand firmly with Ted Lasso and his opinion of tea and I think it looks like yard clippings inside of a cup.

Gillian: Well, if you have a lot of yard clippings to work with so you can make a lot of tea.

Mike: I could tea up the whole neighborhood.

Josh: True.

Gillian: Well, let’s tea up this episode, Mike.

Mike: Sure.

Josh: That’s the opening right there.

Mike: That is, that’s the whole opening. It’s done. Every episode’s going to start this way with three minutes of meandering around while we wait for the caffeine to kick in.

Josh: I like it.

Mike: It’s May, we’re heading into summer. What are some of the things you’ve been working on so far since people probably last saw us at TrailblazerDX?

Gillian: God, that feels like a year ago.

Josh: It does feel like it.

Mike: It was a couple years ago. That whole timeline thing on Facebook is wrong.

Gillian: I mean, it’s summer it’s time for the release. I’ve been knee-deep in release preparation content and our Learn More campaign which is basically the way that we prepare everyone for the release. And so Release Readiness Live, all of that, going through all the release notes and the highlights. So go ahead ask me any question about the release I can try and fake an answer to it.

Mike: I did get asked a question about the release at the Washington, DC user group.

Josh: Oh.

Gillian: Do you remember what it was?

Mike: Give me the highlights of the release.

Josh: Oh.

Mike: Well, we got lots of content that I’ve been helping working on.

Josh: That’s what I was going to say, wait a little while and Gillian will walk you right through it.

Mike: This is the last part of the User Group meeting that’s keeping you from happy hour. I’ll be brief, it’s an amazing release. Next question.

Josh: I like it, I like it. Do you remember when you could read through the whole release notes for the entire company and it was 50 pages?

Mike: Yeah.

Josh: It’s what now 500 or something?

Gillian: I think it’s six something.

Mike: I remember I read all of the summer release notes for I want to say summer ’08 while riding in a car that was being driven to Chicago and I got done in time.

Gillian: Wow.

Josh: Anyway, sorry, Gillian, I jumped in on you.

Gillian: Oh, no that’s totally fine. I was actually going to share some legit information about the release if people want to find out more. No shade in that comment. If you are listening to this podcast then you can definitely right now go check out On Demand Admin Release Readiness Live. You can also check out Developer Admin Release … Or, Developer Admin … Whatever. Developer Release Readiness Live as well. Both on demand you can find them. And that’s a great way to get the highlights. We got a bunch of product managers on there, and evangelists, and advocates talking about what they think is important for you to understand so got that. We got the learn more blogs. There’s good stuff. I personally am most excited about horizontal alignment on dynamic fields. And it sounds super nerdy, but imagine you can just control exactly where fields line up on your page no matter how much text is in the field above or below it. It’s the little things, the little things that matter. My inner controlled freak is very happy about that.

Josh: It is strange how you read something and you’re like “Well, that’s just boring.” And then you see it and you’re like “That’s really cool. I didn’t realize how cool that was.” Somebody had to sell me on custom property editors because on paper they just sound … I can barely even think of as to why somebody would find it exciting. And then it’s like oh, you can write totally custom interfaces for people to go in and configure your components on their really cool interfaces. It’s a shame that they can’t fit all that into a title, I guess, it might help sell it better.

Gillian: Well, that’s why there’s people like us that are supposed to fill that gap, right, Josh?

Josh: Right.

Mike: Right.

Josh: This is true. Including my upcoming episode with Alicia Taylor on custom property editors.

Gillian: Actually, Alba pinged me about that this week. She’s like “Are you going to talk about this at Admin Release Readiness Live?” I’m like “No, it doesn’t sound like Admin at all.” She’s like “Actually, it is, and here’s why.” I was like “Oh. Well then yes, we will absolutely talk about that no problem.” Thank you, Alba.

Josh: Because it’s weird because it’s developer-centric tech I guess but it’s all admin-facing. That’s the end goal is to make things easier and more powerful. You don’t have to guess what a proper date field looks like kind of thing you can actually just pull up a proper date picker. It’s also one of those things that you scratch your head about that’s like “Wow, why did it take us this long to do it?” And I’m sure now if Alicia’s listening to this and she’s like “Because it’s really hard, Josh. We have engineers who have to fix this kind of stuff.”

Mike: I remember for the longest time one of the big requests from the community was an address block like we have on accounts and contacts, and you can never create that. So if you created a custom object you always had to text field it to death. Now you can create that, it came back a long time ago.

Gillian: Again, it’s these little things that make a huge difference. This is why we have an Admin-focused Release Readiness Live session focused on these little things that we care about.

Mike: I never thought until I had to use another product name, not mentioned, of how much I would love-

Gillian: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Mike: The fact that when you could sort something it stayed sorted that way every time you pulled up that list view. And I was like “But this Salesforce just does that natively.” And you’re like “This product doesn’t.” Oh.

Josh: Oh.

Gillian: And then the question is, why aren’t we using Salesforce for that thing? Well, we try.

Josh: We ask that question a lot, we do. And give us credit for continuing to ask that question. Maybe one of these days we’ll get an answer, I’m not sure, not sure.

Gillian: I don’t know. It’s been a lot of years, Josh, it’s been a lot of years.

Josh: What’s the definition of badness again I forget?

Mike: Insanity.

Josh: It’s at the tip of my tongue, right?

Mike: Insanity. So Gillian’s been working on release. Josh, it sounds like you’ve been diving into stuff.

Josh: Well, two big things. First of all, most people probably have not heard that the three of us are now proper coworkers.

Gillian: Woot, woot.

Josh: I’m happy to hop over and join Admin Evangelism to talk nerdy tech. And speaking of nerdy tech, I don’t know if either of you have heard about this AI stuff, and I don’t know ChatGPT or something. And then Mark tweeted something and now there’s Einstein in front of it. That’s been a whole thing. For me, it’s sort of funny because I was starting to get into this bit by playing around with Midjourney and doing generative art AI stuff just as a goofy, what can I create with this kind of stuff? Here I’m trying to learn up on large language models, and how they’ve advanced from neural networks, and blada, blada, blada. What the community actually keeps asking me is how do I create an image of my mascot. And I’m like “Oh, okay, we can talk about that too.”

Gillian: Of important things. Again, it’s priorities.

Josh: The important things. We got a lot of content coming out on that. We’ve got a blog post in the works that’s just talking about the basics and what admins can do with it now. And we’re getting some guests and some expert panels up and running. Watch the space for more. To me, this is interesting because I have chased a lot of technology, often at Salesforce’s behest, and every now and then there’s something like IoT which gets really popular for a while and then blends into the background. I firmly believe IoT has become an aspect of our lives it’s just that it’s on our phones, and it’s on our smart machines, and it’s just … We’ve just sort of accepted it and then now we’re just talking to our cars and stuff. And then there’s stuff like blockchain which is all a hot minute. And then we started talking about the environment and all this other stuff.
And so every now and then it’s a flash in the pan, right, it’s really exciting for a while but then we move on. I’m becoming a believer in this stuff and I think it is actually going to be around to stay. And I think it will be interesting to see where our product line goes in the next year and where it’s going to start impacting people’s lives. It’s going to be interesting. I believe it’s going to be positive but you all know I’m something of an optimist too so we’ll see.

Gillian: I thought you’re not allowed to talk about AI unless you’re a catastrophist. I thought that was the rule.

Josh: There’s a cottage industry out there for that. The scary thing about the catastrophe speakers to me though is some of them are just insanely smart people. I don’t want to ignore that because there’s something there but it’s almost like they’re so smart about it they don’t know how to talk to other people about why they think AI could be a disaster. So we’ll see. And maybe in three years we’re all robots and this podcast will sound very different.

Mike: It’ll be created by AI.

Gillian: Oh, man, I don’t want to know what an AI Gillian sounds like, that would be scary.

Mike: It probably sounds just like you. I saw a TikTok the other day where there was an AI that could replicate any … You just fed it a audio clip of whomever and it would replicate the sound.

Josh: I mean, I think that’s one of the most early evident scary parts. It’s deep fakes, and misinformation, and people impersonating it. I think it was Spotify broke up a bot circle. It was generated music with bots listening to it to rack up its score. It didn’t even have a human audience. AI-generated AI audience all in one feedback loop.

Gillian: Can we create a bot audience for us for this podcast?

Josh: I, for one, welcome our bot overlord so I think that’s not a bad idea at all.

Gillian: Well-

Josh: And I’m sure-

Gillian: I was just at a community event last week, CenCal Dreamin’ in Fresno, California, shout out to CenCal Dreamin’. Bitwise was the amazing partner who put it on. And there were a lot of discussions I had. Just went off with attendees about AI, and what it means for being a Salesforce professional, and how that is going to shift, and change, and maybe lower some barriers to entry for some certain aspects of what you can do. And really shift the type of work that you’re doing but also making it even more important the expertise you bring in as a Salesforce professional to than work with this technology because it takes a different level of understanding. What to ask for? How to guide it? How to review things? It was really interesting. I had three different in-depth conversations with different folks from various … BA, developer, executive. Just having those talks was really interesting to see where people’s heads are at right now.

Josh: And I think that’s one of the big positives is that I think we’re going to see us getting to a result faster because AI will help us just jump to the end a little bit. I’m not talking to anybody right now who’s thinking the humans are going to just go away. I think you hit on a really good point though. If I have one suggestion to people right now it’s go find a free account and start playing with this because it is a different skillset and a little bit of a different mindset on how to input some things. And there’s features that some people don’t think about like being able to … You could give ChatGPT your resume and it knows what your background and what your style looks like and you can give it a starting point.
It’s learning how to Google something really well. We’ve all slowly learned that skill over the years because it’s so vital to getting anything done. I feel like it’s going to be that. Get into the pool early before it gets too crowded and just tinker around with it. And it’s really fun to play with. Bard also just went public,, it’s another free way of doing it. I tried using Bard to cheat on Wordle over the weekend and that-

Gillian: How’d that work out?

Josh: Oh, it worked out great. Out of the four five-letter words it gave me it included the four letter word that I gave it. Bard has a counting problem.

Mike: Well, it’s young, it’s learning.

Josh: It’s young, it’s learning, right, exactly, exactly.

Mike: Wow.

Josh: So it’ll be interesting, it’ll be interesting.

Mike: I’ll be the constant pessimist in the room. I think that the two things about this that worry me are one, the critical thinking part of it. We’re using AI to, as a content creator, generate massive amounts of content. And then the flip side is … I read a post, actually read the post, I didn’t just skim it, on ways to use AI and it was oh, well you can use it to summarize content. And I’m thinking to myself, “Great, none of this is taking” … It all takes away from the ability for you to sit down, read, have critical thoughts about something, and actually then also just take the time to reflect on it, right? That ability of sitting down and reading a book and thinking through the concepts. Because everything right now is, if AI is generating the content I can also have AI summarize the content and now I basically know what you wrote. Yeah, but you didn’t read it.

Josh: Right. And I think that critical thinking is going to be an important role in it, right? You ask it to generate something but then … Everything I’ve had to generate from a text point of view has been pretty bad. I have put a nothing that I would ever show to the public. It’s just like no, this is not very good writing kind of thing.

Mike: No.

Josh: So I feel like there’s that still.

Gillian: Damon and I were going … He was emceeing a charity event on Saturday night and I was like “Okay, so let’s just ask ChatGPT to write you some funny jokes to say during your MC moment.” Let me tell you, out of the 20 jokes that I got back there was maybe one that was somewhat passable. There were some good puns, I appreciated some of the puns, but it was like okay, I gave it the location, I gave it the type of charity was, I gave some background. It tried hard, it did but they were bad they were so bad. And Damon at some point was like “Okay, stop reading those to me I don’t want to hear anymore.”

Mike: I mean, I’ve tried to see what it would generate for blog post … And actually, I have a friend that wrote, and is doing stuff for the University of Iowa where he’s helping college students understand here’s how you can use this in a constructive way, not in a way that’s just ChatGPT creating your papers for you. It was very sterile, right? It wrote a blog post and it was very sterile, there wasn’t a lot of direction or storytelling to it. It was just very matter-of-factly.

Josh: The song stuck in my head this last month, I don’t know why, it’s usually a Simon & Garfunkel song, and I blame my parents for that, this is You Can Call Me Al when Simon went solo. Also, despite Chevy Chase’s behavior, one of the best music videos ever put together.

Gillian: Agreed. I agree.

Josh: But anyway, there’s a line in You Can Call Me Al, “He doesn’t speak the language and he holds no currency.” And so I was like huh? I’ve always loved that phrase because it’s just like … It’s such a great way of describing somebody who’s a strange in a strange land. And so I asked Bard to write me a fantasy young … The first chapter of a fantasy story about a person who doesn’t speak the language and holds no currency. And it wrote a story about a boy who has no money because currency has vanished from the planet. And he founds finds a spaceship with a box of coins in it, and it ends with him walking away with a coin.

Mike: Oh.

Josh: I’m like “You did not understand the exercise. You really focused on that one word to really hinge the whole thing.”

Mike: Currency.

Josh: Currency.

Mike: Wow. If you want to go down a fun internet tunnel look up the Flintstones and the Jetsons conspiracy theory.

Josh: Oh, no.

Mike: Oh, yes, it’s super fun though.

Josh: Oh.

Mike: So both came out in the, I want to say, early ’60s. Hanna-Barbera, Warner Brothers. I like the Jetsons. I actually never became a Flintstones fan.

Gillian: Yabba-Dabba-Doo!

Mike: I like The Jetsons because of the mid-century modern architecture which is really just cartoons. Anyway. There’s a whole theory that one predates the other and it’s not the Flintstones. It’s actually the Jetsons predates the Flintstones because there was some sort of mega-world collapse. The Flintstones have the concept of work and currency and there’s this … You end up after two hours reading and watching these YouTube videos being, that’s completely plausible. That totally makes sense now why the Flintstones had this, and the idea of television and broadcast waves in theoretically a prehistoric time.

Josh: Right. Fascinating

Gillian: Wow. People spend a lot of thought on some things that I never would’ve ever thought about.

Mike: There’s people in the world that have time on their hands.

Josh: Yes, and the internet.

Gillian: Well, maybe someday.

Josh: I like it, I like it.

Gillian: Mike-

Mike: Fun stuff.

Gillian: I’m just going to call you out here because I know you’ve been working on Call for Presentations for Dreamforce. Do you want to share with our lovely listeners a little bit more about that?

Mike: So if you’re listening to this before I think it’s June 6th, be sure to get your Call for Presentations in for the Admin Track at Dreamforce. It’s open now. It’s open as you listen to this as long as it’s before early part of June. It’s the same as last year. So there’s two ways to submit. There’s a submission which is the traditional way. I have an idea. I want to talk about this product and the thing that I built, and build the presentation and get up on stage. And those are the ones that we’re reviewing to do all of the presentations for both the breakout sessions for Admin Track at Dreamforce and theater sessions at Admin Track. And, of course, space is limited so take time. You don’t have to submit 100 submit three that you’ve really thought about and planned.
I have a friend who has a couple kids that are I believe it’s in Boy Scouts and they do these little Pinewood derby things. I spent some time helping that kid making that car as slick and fast as possible. And we showed up, and we had a pretty polished car, and that thing went down the track. And then there were some people that showed up and they literally just taped a quarter to their car and that was it. And maybe that’s all the time that they had. We had more time. Our car won. And that’s kind of how Call for Presentations work. It’s not about the number of cupcakes you show up with it’s about the quality of the cupcake.

Josh: Right.

Mike: Josh can attest to that.

Josh: I can attest this, I’ve seen it over the years. If you give us three quality submissions you are far more likely to get at least one of those accepted than if you give me 20 even decent once. If you overwhelm me with information, and I know these are coming from the same person, it’s just like you’re throwing spaghetti against the wall at that point. Take your time, choose the stuff that you’re really passionate about, and make that … Make a title in abstract that resembles that passion and that’s going to increase your chances by a lot.

Mike: And also spend time in the Trailblazer community. Look at what people are asking and talking about, right, because that’s the trends that we follow. I mean, we have our own themes and directives that we have to abide by, but overall we’re following that trend as well. If we see that, and your submissions line up with that … Now there’s no guarantee. It’s like applying for a job. I mean, there’s how many 100 people are going to apply for a job? Well, only one person can get it. And it’s the same way with a CFP. How did that one person get it where they’re very persistent, and on point, and made sure stuff lined up? And also, there is a little bit of luck that goes with it.

Gillian: Well, I always like reading the submissions that come in. When I have been reviewing these in the past, if you … To Josh’s point, if you submit 10, 15 sessions that are not really fledged out it’s annoying so don’t do that. Give us good stuff. Make our job hard.

Josh: Right, exactly.

Mike: It also, as a reviewer, I’ll be honest, it makes us worry about the level of effort you’re going to put into the session.

Josh: Exactly. The first question I ask is, is this a good quality submission? Did they actually think it out? Is it more than a two-sentence long abstract? If you put that level of work into what you’re sending us then exactly, I’m hoping you’re going to put that level of work into your presentation and into your stagecraft because it is work. And also consider that before you … You get a free ticket to Dreamforce, that’s great, but also realize Mike’s going to be calling you up and being like “Hey, we need to see your slides, and we need to do your dry run, we need to get you successful on stage. Know what you’re signing up for and think about the thing that you’re going to get really excited about to talk about on stage.

Mike: And you’re willing to devote your summer to getting ready to talk about it on stage.

Josh: At least a decent portion of your summer.

Mike: A good portion. I’m following another community conference that’s doing something very similar to what I have planned for managing speakers in Admin Track, and we’ll see how that goes.

Josh: Got you.

Mike: Yes. We’ll include the link to the blog post so that you can submit or not submit in case you’re on deadline. But looking ahead for June, anything in the works?

Josh: My life is pretty much going to be AI so still … Everybody wants content yesterday so I think June’s going to be a big month for that. The other half of AI that is data and data cloud and so we’re probably … I’m probably going to start looking at that as the next down-the-road topic kind of thing. I think AI is going to be a big part of my life between now and Dreamforce.

Mike: I can understand that.

Gillian: I mean, Josh, you said Dreamforce. I feel like that’s the thing that is rearing up for all of us. That’s what I’m thinking June is going to be like for me is definitely lots of Dreamforce prep and getting things set up for all the cool … The new innovations and also the great content we’re going to bring to life at Dreamforce as now is our time to get it all going.

Mike: So much.

Gillian: Oh, and London World Tour. I get to go to London World Tour which will be lovely. Any listeners over who are going to be at London World Tour, please come say hi to me, I’m really looking forward to being over there. I have not been to London since 2018 so I’m pretty much looking forward to it.

Josh: Oh, wow.

Mike: Oh, my God.

Josh: The whole pandemic. Wow.

Mike: Wow.

Gillian: Before kids.

Josh: Dang. London is hands down one of my favorite cities to get lost in.

Mike: 100%. There’s a new ruler over there that you can … It’s all king stuff now it’s no queen. I don’t know. I guess I didn’t talk about this, but June there will be another Build a Blog series coming out. Post. And we are going to talk about actual content creation, we are to that point. So this has been a fun series. The last one came out May 16th on finding a publishing platform. I’m guessing that’s going to be the one that gets read the most because that seems to be what everybody’s … The major questions are. The plan is to turn people … Anybody that’s aspiring to become a blogger, from Zero to Hero by Dreamforce. I’ve got that going on. And then I’m also working on turning it into a presentation where, as it was announced on the Twitters, you can see me present it at Midwest Dreamin’ in August.

Josh: Woo.

Gillian: Woo-hoo.

Mike: It times out perfect because there’ll be an August post that should go live which would be the last post before Dreamforce. Not that I had that planned or anything.

Josh: Nice.

Mike: Boom.

Gillian: That’s awesome.

Josh: Why do I suddenly have an image of Illuminati’s in my head?

Gillian: I don’t know. AI, AI.

Josh: AI. There’s a hallucination joke in there somewhere but I don’t … It’s on the tip of my tongue I don’t have it.

Mike: Along those lines. A cult film came out I want to say in ’99, Stranger Days. Juliette Lewis. I forget the other person that’s in it.

Josh: Bradley Cooper I think.

Mike: No. Before Bradley Cooper.

Josh: Okay.

Mike: It slipped under the radar for a lot of people. I only remembered it because CBS Sunday Morning did a feature on Juliette Lewis and they talked about that movie. They have this little plastic tentacle thing that you can put on as a hat, and then you can basically experience things from someone else, and it’s like a mind recorder. So when you said Illuminati in your head I’m like maybe you put on the little Strange Days thing.

Gillian: Well, this was really fun, guys, thank you. Thank you, Mike, for organizing this, and thanks for … Hey, Josh, I mean, gosh, this has been so fun. This is like the Podcasters Unite so this is really cool, thank you.

Mike: It is. Well, we’re going to do this every month.

Josh: All right.

Mike: End of the month this is the episode to look forward to.

Josh: I like it. And our timing is perfect I’m actually out of coffee.

Mike: So am I. So this was a fun little coffee chat with my fellow evangelists. We’re going to try to do that every month so if you have ideas or topics, things you want to hear about let me know on Twitter, find me in the social medias somewhere. We’re going to have coffee at the end of every month. And, of course, if you enjoyed this episode can you do me a favor? Just share it with one person. If you’re listening on iTunes, all you got to do is tap the dots and choose share episode, and then you can put that link into a social post, or you can text it to a friend, but doing so would help, I would appreciate that a lot. And, of course, if you’re looking for more great resources, everything that we mentioned links are all at including a transcript of the show. And be sure to join our conversation in the Admin Trailblazer Group in the Trailblazer community. Of course, links are in the show notes. So until then, we’ll see you in the cloud.

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Optimize Subflows for Efficiency with Christina Nava

Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast, we talk to Christina Nava, Director of Salesforce Strategy at Gaggle. Join us as we chat about making flows more manageable with subflows. You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with Christina Nava. Creating flows to save time on business […]

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Get to Know Prompt Builder with Marissa Scalercio

Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast, we talk to Marissa Scalercio, VP of Sales Operations at Carnegie Learning. Join us as we chat about Prompt Builder, why it will be a game changer, and how her Salesforce Admin skills help her be a better sales leader. You should subscribe for the full episode, but here […]