Strengthening Our Feedback Loops: IdeaExchange + Generative AI.

Strengthening Our Feedback Loops: IdeaExchange + Generative AI


We’ve all marveled at the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and the stunning pace of its adoption. It took Facebook 4 years, the iPhone 3.5 years, and TikTok 9 months to amass 100 million users. ChatGPT did it in 2 months.

As you heard on June 12 at AI Day, we’re on a path to realize the potential of generative AI for our customers. We believe this technology is transformative, including unlocking solutions to some of the most complex, time-consuming problems our admins and developers face today, like troubleshooting, coding, configuration, setup, validation rules, and so much more.

This inflection point has caused us to re-evaluate how we connect with you, our community. We heard you when you told us you want more visibility into our roadmaps and more opportunities to work directly with our product teams. And we heard that you’re itching to leverage AI and understand how its transformative power will help you serve your customers and end users.

You’ve taken the time to share your product ideas on the IdeaExchange forum, and we’ve heard your feedback on that process. We recently decided to repurpose this May’s planned prioritization cycle in order to pilot new ways for us to engage with you.

Below is a description of these new methods for engaging with our community. To help us design these sessions to meet your needs, please complete this survey. We ask that you tell us which interest you most:

  • Trailblazer Roadmap Reviews: Our product managers will host roadmap review sessions over the coming months, asking for your feedback on product priorities, including generative AI.
  • Trailblazer GPT Slack community: We want to use the power of generative AI to make you more productive and impactful. We have ideas cooking but know we’ve only just begun. We’re creating a dedicated Slack channel to bring together our PMs, researchers, UX designers, and you to collaborate on an approach to enabling your work with the power of generative AI.
  • New Generative AI category on the IdeaExchange: We’re eager to capture your ideas in this pivotal moment. We recently added a generative AI category to the IdeaExchange to do just that.
  • Additional IdeaExchange updates: We’ve been on a listening tour with our Trailblazers and appreciate the feedback we’ve collected so far. We’re reviewing this feedback now and adjusting our roadmap to address this feedback with new tools and features.

I want to be clear: This is not a move away from sessions like True to the Core. It’s a new way to engage you, our community, in our roadmap planning initiatives. As we look to the future, we’re grateful for the community’s commitment to providing candid, thoughtful feedback—and to holding us accountable for realizing it!

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