Upgrade to Hyperforce with Confidence Using Hyperforce Assistant

Upgrade to Hyperforce with Confidence Using Hyperforce Assistant


Demystifying Hyperforce for admins

As a Salesforce Admin, you might be wondering, what is Hyperforce? Put simply, Hyperforce is Salesforce’s new public cloud-based infrastructure designed to support Salesforce services for the future. A cloud-native architecture, Hyperforce will replace our existing first-party infrastructure and provide significant benefits to our customers, including data residency, enhanced security, availability, and agility.

This is a global initiative, meaning Salesforce will be retiring its first-party data centers and upgrading all customers to Hyperforce. The good news for our customers is that upgrading to Hyperforce is free and comes with many benefits.

As customers upgrade to Hyperforce globally, you play a key role in ensuring that key steps and best practices are followed to prepare your Salesforce org for migration to Hyperforce. For example, you need to ensure there are no hard-coded references, like na12.salesforce.com, present in the code, similar to what you probably did when transitioning from Classic to Lightning. Otherwise, after migrating to Hyperforce, the piece of code containing hard-coded references won’t work. While you have access to documentation detailing these necessary steps to prepare for migration, it can be overwhelming and, depending on the complexity of your org, could take significant effort and time. This is where Hyperforce Assistant comes in—your one-stop shop to learn about Hyperforce and prepare for the migration using org-contextual, automated readiness checks.

Meet Hyperforce Assistant, an admin’s best friend for upgrading to Hyperforce!

I’m excited to announce that Hyperforce Assistant is now generally available (GA) with the Summer ’23 Release. It’s available both in sandbox and production orgs under the Setup menu for you to start learning and preparing for the upgrade. Hyperforce Assistant provides a step-by-step guide to upgrade from Salesforce-managed physical data centers to Hyperforce. Again, you play a key role in ensuring that key steps and best practices are followed to prepare for this migration, and this post will help you be successful. Hyperforce Assistant supports this journey for our #AwesomeAdmins by providing Salesforce org-contextual verification checks, best practices, and recommendations.

Hyperforce Assistant landing page.

Hyperforce Assistant product features for admins

When you launch Hyperforce Assistant from the Setup menu, you’ll find the Learn and Prepare pages containing the following features.

1. Learn page

The Learn page provides important information, including:

  • Resources and links to learn more about Hyperforce in an easy-to-read format
  • Key benefits of Hyperforce
  • Any important notices you should pay attention to

Hyperforce Assistant Learn page.

2. Prepare page

The Prepare page provides a checklist of six key preparation steps to ensure your Salesforce org is ready for upgrade to Hyperforce. The following three checks are automated, which means you can click the Verify button and get org-contextual results.

1. Scans the Salesforce org code for hard-coded references like na14.salesforce.com, for example.

An org-contextual automated check on hard-coded references.

2. Checks connectivity to the target Hyperforce instance.

Hyperforce Assistant connectivity check.

3. Checks if enhanced domains are enabled.

Hyperforce Assistant enable enhanced domains check.

The remaining three checks are manual. I highly recommend you click on the instructions for each of these steps, perform any necessary work, and then mark them complete.

Hyperforce Assistant showing remaining checks.

Hyperforce Assistant roadmap

We’re working on exciting, new updates to Hyperforce that improve your upgrade experience and make it easier by providing key automation and information at the right time. For example, we’re working on enabling the Upgrade tile/tab which will provide information on the upgrade date and target region/country. We’re also going to provide a global map of available regions so you can easily see which regions are currently live on Hyperforce. You’ll also find some automated checks in the Manage phase in the future, which will guide you with actionable steps to further optimize on Hyperforce.

Start preparing for Hyperforce today!

Navigate to Setup home to start your upgrade journey to Hyperforce using Hyperforce Assistant. The best way to ensure your org is prepared for the upgrade is to go through the two available phases (Learn and Prepare) and see where there might be additional work.

As always, we appreciate your feedback in the Hyperforce Trailblazer Community Group. Happy upgrading!


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