Product Announcements You Might Have Missed in 2023.

Product Announcements You Might Have Missed in 2023


In the Spring ’23, Summer ’23, and Winter ’24 Salesforce Releases, Salesforce launched hundreds of new features. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest and greatest features for admins by reading about the new features admins were most excited about this year. 

Lightning Experience enhancements

From new Dynamic Forms enhancements to the Prompt Builder tool, there’s never been a better time to build intuitive, intelligent apps and experiences for your users with these new features! 

Dynamic Forms on LWC-enabled standard objects and mobile

2023 was a huge year for Dynamic Forms improvements. Previously, you could use Dynamic Forms on custom objects and a handful of standard objects. Now, admins can build dynamic and flexible user experiences with Dynamic Forms, now supported on hundreds of Lightning Web Component (LWC)-enabled standard objects. Dynamic Forms can enhance page performance and improve user experiences, showing your users the right data at the right time, on both desktop and mobile. To learn more, watch Winter ’24 Admin Release Readiness Live.

View All for dynamic related lists

Dynamic related lists can be configured entirely within Lightning App Builder (no more page layout editor needed!) and can include admin-defined filters so users see only relevant information in their record pages. Now, users can view all records associated with a dynamic related list. Use a custom label to describe the related list and add as many as 10 filters to the list. 

Prompt Builder (Pilot)

I know, I know, this one technically is in closed pilot and isn’t generally available (GA) quite yet, but we can’t not highlight this incredibly powerful generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool. Announced at Dreamforce, Prompt Builder is the first low-code prompt management tool that puts admins at the forefront of delivering intelligent solutions to your companies. To see Prompt Builder in action, check out a demo from the Admin Keynote at Dreamforce ’23, and stay tuned for more information about Prompt Builder as it becomes GA.

What’s new with Flow

With these new enhancements, Flow is more powerful than ever! 

Reactive Components (GA)

The next chapter of screen flows arrived with the Winter ’24 Release! Now, with Reactive Screen Components, you can deliver more dynamic, complex, and engaging experiences to your users and save development time with more reusable, modular components. With choice selection reactivity GA, there’s even more you can do to create engaging and informative experiences in Salesforce by making a component reactive to selected choice. Also new in Winter ’24, with Reactive Display Text (Beta), when you add a Display Text component to a screen, it will react to updates in other components in the same screen. Admins can show the results of reactive formulas, show record information from a Data Table section, or summarize a user’s actions directly on the screen.

Custom error messages on record-triggered flows 

Configure custom error messages to guide your users when a record-triggered flow fails. Errors can be displayed in a window or as an inline error for a specific field, letting your users know what went wrong. You can configure custom error messages for any record-triggered flow, whether it’s a before-save or after-save flow. Watch Product Manager Diana Jaffe demo this feature in Winter ’24 Release Readiness Live. 

Log emails from Flow to activity timeline

Emails that users send or that Flow sends can now be captured as an activity. Salesforce will log emails for you to a record’s Activity Timeline when you toggle Log Emails on Send with the Send Email action in Flow Builder

User access updates

Set field-level security for a field on permission sets (GA) 

Starting in the Summer ’23 Release, admins can manage the field-level security (FLS) for fields on permission sets instead of profiles when making a new field or modifying an existing field’s FLS. To enable this in Setup, head to User Management Settings and enable Field-Level Security for Permission Sets During Field Creation. 

See how many permission set groups a permission set is added to

The Winter ’24 Release also brought enhancements for user access reporting. Three new custom report types were announced at Dreamforce, helping admins report on permission set assignments, public group and queue membership, and manual and team shares. All three report types—Permission Set Assignment, Public Group and Queue Membership, and Account Share —had significant community support and more than 84,000 points on the IdeaExchange. To hear more about these enhancements and discover user access experience updates from Winter ’24, watch Admin Preview: Winter ’24 Release Readiness Live.

View what’s enabled in a permission set easily

Manage user access and permissions in one screen and eliminate multiple clicks with the View Summary (Beta) button on the permission set details page. Using permission sets to manage user access is one way admins apply the principle of least privilege, making sure users have access only to the data they need to do their jobs. Discover more best practices for user management in this blog post recently updated by Director of Product Management at Salesforce Cheryl Feldman.

Reporting enhancements

Create personalized report filters

Create powerful reports that display personalized results for each user by setting a dynamic report filter on the User field. When filtering on User fields, select Use relative value, and $USER will automatically populate into the Value field.

Continue learning about new release features

There were so many new release features and announcements this year, we couldn’t capture them all in one blog! Visit the release resources below to learn more about all of the features we were excited about for admins. Stay tuned for Spring ’24 announcements coming in January here on

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