Marc Baizman

Marc Baizman is an Admin Evangelist. Marc joined in 2014 helping nonprofits be successful with Salesforce, and joined the Evangelist team in late 2017 to share the goodness with even more System Administrators all around the world. He is based in San Diego, CA with his wife and 2 cats, and he doesn’t know how to surf yet.

Salesforce Admin How I solved this series with contributors.

How Salesforce Admins Solved Real-World Problems in 2020

In February 2020, we launched a new blog series called “How I Solved This,” where we do a deep dive into a specific business problem and share how one #AwesomeAdmin in our community chose to solve it. We’ve learned how to Take Action Directly from a Report, Manage Queue Membership with a Custom Object, Highlight […]

dark blue bungalow style home on a sunny street behind a low, wooden fence

5 Things Salesforce Admins Can Learn from Home Renovation

As we’re all home more than ever these days, maybe you’re noticing some projects that need to get done around the house. One of my projects was to go into the crawlspace underneath our house to make sure everything was okay. Suddenly, I got a distinct whiff of something… not right. I realized I was […]


Volunteering Your Salesforce Admin Skills for Good

I know that many of you are looking for ways to give back to your communities using your Salesforce Admin skills. So, with the help of the Pro Bono team, I wanted to share some resources for you all to check out. First, know that you are amazing, and thank you for wanting to […]


3 Questions Admins Can Ask to Optimize Salesforce

A lot of things change quickly in our business-meets-virtual world, and it’s important that we, as admins, check in to make sure that Salesforce continues to meet the needs of our organizations. Processes shift online every day, and the usual ways of doing things change to better serve our customers. As a result, there are […]

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The Salesforce World Tour Boston Call for Presentations is Open

The Salesforce World Tour is coming to Boston on April 2, 2020. Get ready for a full day of innovation and inspiration at the Hynes Convention Center in downtown Boston. If you haven’t already, register here and you’ll get more info about the day-long event. We want YOU to present at Salesforce World Tour Boston! […]


Learn MOAR About 5 Popular Ideas Delivered in Spring ’20

Discover Spring ’20 Release features! We are sharing five release highlights for Salesforce Admins (and Developers), curated and published by our evangelists as part of Learn MOAR. Complete the trailmix by March 31, 2020, to get a special community badge and unlock a $10 contribution to FIRST®. The Salesforce Spring ’20 Release has a lot […]


5 Principles of Improv Theater for Salesforce Admins

Outside of my Salesforce career, I’ve spent many years performing improvisational theater, and what I’ve learned over time is that the core principles of improv can be an excellent toolkit for people working in the business world — especially for folks who are Salesforce Admins at their companies. I presented about this topic at the […]


Learn MOAR about Five Popular Ideas Delivered in Winter ’20

Discover Winter ’20 Release features! We are sharing five release highlights for Admins (and Developers), curated and published by Salesforce product experts, as part of Learn MOAR. Complete the trailmix by October 31, 2019 to get a special community badge and unlock a $10 contribution to FIRST®. The Salesforce Winter ’20 Release has tons of […]


How We Picked the Admin Track for Dreamforce 2019

The Salesforce Admin community delivered again! On July 15, 2019, we asked you to submit your best ideas for presentations at Dreamforce 2019 in the Admin Track. And we did that with a completely new submission app that, for the first time, gave you complete transparency into what had been submitted. Gone were the days […]