Learn MOAR About 5 Popular Ideas Delivered in Spring ’20


Discover Spring ’20 Release features! We are sharing five release highlights for Salesforce Admins (and Developers), curated and published by our evangelists as part of Learn MOAR. Complete the trailmix by March 31, 2020, to get a special community badge and unlock a $10 contribution to FIRST®.

The Salesforce Spring ’20 Release has a lot of great stuff for admins. Here are five features coming in Spring ’20 that I’m pretty excited about and that our community has helped to shape! Our customer feedback is instrumental to the innovation delivered with release features, and we want to hear from you! Make sure to join the IdeaExchange Reimagined group on the Trailblazer Community to participate in future product prioritization and feedback. Also, right now, you can participate in our latest round of prioritization here.

1. Allow tasks to be assigned to queues

This is one of my favorite long-awaited new Spring ’20 features, and something that I know you can all find a use for — assigning individual tasks to a Queue. For example, you could have a Business Development Queue consisting of your front line reps, and you could assign all the follow-up call tasks to that Queue, and then reps could easily take ownership of one of the tasks. Note that right now, you can only use this on the Task screen; it doesn’t (yet) work in the Quick Action or on the page component, but this will definitely be coming soon.

Release Notes on this topic can be found here.

2. Clone with related records aka “Deep Clone”

This is another super useful feature — cloning a record with the related records included with the clone! The use cases here are self-explanatory: copying an Opportunity with the related Contact Roles and Products, for example, as shown in the image below. Note that this works only on the Opportunity and Campaign objects right now, with more objects to come in future releases!

Release Notes on this topic can be found here.

3. Related lists with quick filters

This one is a great productivity enhancer — the ability to quickly filter a related list when looking at a list of records. The example I show below is a list of Opportunities that are related to a particular Account, but you can use this on Products related to an Opportunity, Cases related to an Account, or filtering on any of your custom objects related to each other. This is part of the Enhanced Related Lists functionality, which is now generally available.

Release Notes on this topic can be found here.

4. Report filters comparing fields to each other

In the past you would have needed to create a custom formula field to do this, but now you can directly compare fields to each other in a report while using a filter. In the example shown below, the report will show only Opportunities where the Amount is less than the Projected Amount (a custom field I created). You simply need to change the Type dropdown from “Value” to “Field,” which will let you compare fields of the same type directly to each other.

Release Notes on this topic can be found here.

5. Show Unique Record Count in a report

This is something that can be very handy when you need it — reporting on things like unique Accounts across multiple Cases or unique Contacts across multiple Opportunities. Previously, you could only do this by grouping by that field but, now, I bet you’ll find a number of chances to use this one. And it’s super simple to do: just click the dropdown on the report field, and select Show Unique Count.

Release Notes on this topic can be found here.

Those are just a few of the super-popular features released in Spring ’20! What are your favorites? Let us know by mentioning @SalesforceAdmns on Twitter or using the hashtag #AwesomeAdmin!

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