Defining Your Role as a Salesforce Administrator


Recently, we explored the skills that are important to showcase as an Admin and also some great tips on how to get started. Now we are going to dig into how you will differentiate yourself, what makes you an #AwesomeAdmin.

The Salesforce Administrator role is relatively new and demand is growing! It’s an exciting role to be in at this time as we see more and more companies realize the value of a great Salesforce Administrator. Outside of increasing demand, the role is also ‘new’, meaning you’re in the driver’s seat, you can define the role. Often times, you know more than the companies looking to hire you. You make the rules, the demands! Unlike a lawyer, doctor or salesperson, whose profession has been around for some time, you have the opportunity to build out, explore and define your unique role.

This inherently means Salesforce Admins come in all different flavors! That’s what makes our community so amazing. Not all Salesforce Admins have “admin” in their title, not all Salesforce Admins are Admins full-time. And, being unique is what helps you stand out and find that perfect fit.

Admin Headlines, Positions and Roles

I mentioned not all admins have the word admin in their title and here’s proof!

Take a look at these amazing #AwesomeAdmins and their headlines/titles on LinkedIn to see what I mean:

In some cases, your admin position reflects your seniority and level and in some cases your admin position reflects your focus or specialization.

Your Career Path

Defining your role as a Salesforce Admin is not just about the title you put on your LinkedIn profile, but about the skills you want to highlight that will lead you to the types of roles you want to pursue in the future. It’s about designing your future career.

There are many paths you can take once you have Salesforce Administration experience. Before jumping onto one of these paths, it’s important to explore which one is right for you. What are you strengths? What are your core competencies?

Spencer Perry from JVS put it like this:

“Start with understanding your core competencies, I call them ‘super powers’. This isn’t rocket science: it’s I’m highly technically adept, or I’m a communicator or I’m very organized. Understand your super-power then adjust your career track, build on your admin credentials and experience.”

Spencer Perry is the technical director at JVS. JVS is a nonprofit that helps people find jobs by running a variety of training and vocational programs. It provides a 3-month Salesforce training program in San Francisco.

To expand on that, if you’re a good communicator maybe going into consulting is your path, if you’re very organized, project management may be the right fit.

Perry had lots of paths to share. Here are some I’ve gathered:

  • Product Specialist
  • Project Management
  • Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Management

What Type of Admin Are You?

Some admins are super connected with the community and know where to find all the resources, some admins love to try all the new features and implement them right away, some admins are passionate about automation, some about adoption and user-friendly design.

Admins are resourceful, effective, curious, helpful, creative, confident and analytical. But every admin brings something unique to the table. Not sure where you fit? Or what skills you should highlight? Start by understanding your strengths! We created a fun personality quiz to help you on your journey of discovery!


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