Learn Lightning: Create & Clone Users


Learn Lightning with me! In this Learn Lightning blog series, I’ll take you through everyday Admin tasks in Lightning that you are used to doing in Classic. Join me as I guide you through my Lightning journey so that you can begin your own!

So far in this series, we’ve learned how to navigate Setup and create a new app in Lightning, so now let’s learn how to create and clone users.

We can find user management in the Administration section of the Setup Home menu.

Just as in Classic, you can find all the options you need to add new users in this section. But now – new in Lightning – we have a Create button that allows us to skip the setup tree altogether. The Create drop-down exists in the upper right of anywhere in Setup, and using it I can simply select User, and I get taken immediately to the New User create page.

I can also use this awesome Create drop-down to create multiple users at once, which is especially useful when setting up a new org. I can’t do this so easily in Classic. Using the Create drop-down to add multiple users saves me time because I don’t have to go down the setup tree to find users, open the main user page, and click the add multiple users button, reducing the process by 1 click.

Creating new users is great, but often I like to save myself time by cloning existing users so that I don’t have to recreate the wheel each time I add a new user. If I have a new planner I need to add to my Wedding app, I can use Clone This User to give my new planner the same access as an existing planner.

Clone This User is a free package from the AppExchange that allows you to install a custom link named “Clone” to the User Page Layout and add “Clone This User” to the Salesforce1 navigation menu. *Note: you will have to switch to Classic to complete the setup for this package because you need to edit the User Page Layout.*

The process isn’t that different from what you already do in Classic, but the Create drop-down in Lightning makes it much easier to quickly add users – both one at a time and multiple – without going through the Classic setup tree. The more you do common tasks like adding new users in Lightning, the more you realize how easy Lightning is to use. The way I’ve learned the most about Lightning is by doing simple Admin tasks that are second-nature in Classic, which not only beefs up my Admin skills but also makes me more comfortable using the platform. Take a few minutes today and try adding a new user in Lightning yourself!

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