Spring Cleaning Your Org


Spring is here and now is as good a time as any to do a bit of housekeeping … of your Salesforce org that is! And, we’re excited to equip you with all the tools you need to make it a breeze. In fact, we’re so excited about it that we’re giving away 5 pairs of #AwesomeAdmin sunglasses (read to the end to find out how to get yours)!


trailhead_module_data_quality_wffhqoThis month, Team Trailhead released a new badge called Data Quality as part of the Learn CRM Essentials trail. Earn this badge and you’ll discover strategies for assessing and improving the quality of your data in Salesforce.


There some great threads and groups on the Success Community to check out:


We’ll be hosting a ‘for admins, by admins’ webinar next week with Dale Ziegler. We’ll look at some real-life examples of messy functionality and some easy ways to not only clean the mess but also keep your org clean for the foreseeable future.

Join us for: So You Inherited (or Created) a Mess…Now What?


In the vain of ‘for admins, by admins’ we’re interested to hear from you. What are your top tips for cleaning up an org or maintaining a clean org?

Comment below or tweet us (@SalesforceAdmns) using hashtag: #AdminOrgTip

The Salesforce Admin experts hosting our upcoming webinar will select the top 5 tips and include them in the webinar. On top of that, you’ll win a limited edition, #AwesomeAdmin pair of sunglasses! 


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