4 Ways to Increase Salesforce Adoption by Giving Reps a Helping Hand


So tomorrow is your go live date for Salesforce. You built some really cool apps and features for your sales people and you can’t wait to roll them out. But then you think, “Will they actually use it?”

A tactic many companies use is implementing a top-down policy. If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist. This can be very effective, especially with executive support, but can be time-consuming for the admin to police and stay on top of new feature requests. What if there was a way to increase adoption that didn’t involve policies forced upon the sales team? What if you could increase Salesforce adoption by simply making it easier for reps to use Salesforce and sell? Now you can with Salesforce Inbox!

Where do sales people live day in and day out? Their inbox! So let’s bring Salesforce to their inbox and make it a natural transition. Salesforce Inbox is a desktop and mobile app that brings Salesforce to your email and calendar, where reps are already working. Take a look at the four ways Inbox can increase adoption across your team while also helping reps in their day-to-day jobs.

Automatically Log Activity to Salesforce

Turn on Einstein Activity Capture to automatically log all of your rep’s activity to Salesforce. Reps won’t ever have to think about logging activity, but it will still make its way into Salesforce. It’s a win-win. (Note: Einstein Activity Capture does require you to be on Lightning.)

For those of you who are still using Salesforce Classic, activity logging won’t be automatic, but Inbox will still make it much easier for reps to log their activity in real-time.

Schedule Customer Meetings With Just One Email

Use the Insert Availability feature to send over available times to your customer with one email—eliminating the usual back-and-forth. As soon as the customer opens up a rep’s email and selects a time, a meeting will be automatically added to both of your calendars. Insert Availability will also dynamically update so a rep never double-books their calendar again.

Receive a Notification as Soon as a Customer Opens an Email

Add a Read Receipt to emails you send, and receive a notification as soon as a customer opens your email. Your reps can have a better understanding of what happens to their emails after they hit send, especially with those deals that they really need to come in by the end of the month.


Create Salesforce Records From Your Inbox

Toggling back and forth between your email and Salesforce can waste an enormous amount of time. Update your pipeline right from your inbox by viewing and creating Salesforce records from the emails you are already working on. By taking your time back you can focus on hitting your quota while keeping Salesforce up-to-date.


Salesforce Inbox increases your team’s adoption of Salesforce because it makes it easier to log activity and keep deals up-to-date. Offering your team a productivity tool that not only makes it simpler to keep Salesforce updated but makes the rest of their sales job easier is the perfect incentive.

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