Admin Best Practices, Tips, and Resources to Drive Salesforce Adoption


As a Salesforce Admin, one of your core responsibilities revolves around Adoption, ensuring end users are able to take advantage of Salesforce to increase their productivity. Adoption can also be one of the hardest things to drive, because it involves other people. Unlike developing an app or customizing a Lightning page, which are activities fully in your control as an #AwesomeAdmin, adoption means influencing and encouraging others to do the activities within their control.

We know this is top of mind for you always, and so we’ve pulled together some key resources for you.

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3 Ways to Increase Executive Adoption of Salesforce webinar with Shannon Greg

Drive Salesforce Adoption at Your Company webinar with #AwesomeAdmin Amber Boaz

Metrics Worth Measuring: Align Business Goals to Salesforce Adoption webinar with Kevin Richardson


Interviews and insights about driving adoption as a solo admin, using Chatter to increase Adoption, and tips for getting users to adopt Lightning Experience:

Insight: Trailhead as an Adoption Tool with Megan Petersen

Insight: Top Features That Drive Adoption with Zayne Turner

Insight: Demos Are the Ultimate Adoption Tool with LeeAnne Rimel

Interview: Laura Maker on Using Communication to Boost Adoption

Insight: Using Dashboards to Increase Adoption with Marc Baizman

Interview: D’An Ervin on Driving Adoption as a Solo Admin

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Drive Adoption and Boost Productivity with In-App Guidance

Driving User Adoption with Next-Level Dashboards by LeeAnne Rimel

5 Ways You Can Use Emoji to Delight Your Users and Drive Adoption by Marc Baizman

Using SABWA to Drive Salesforce Adoption by Mike Gerholdt

3 Resources to Get You Ready to Drive Salesforce Adoption in 2018 by Mike Gerholdt

From the Corporate Blog: 5 Rules That Will Help Your Salesforce Adoption Succeed

This is just a start. There are many resources out there for #AwesomeAdmins. We asked the community what content they use and wrote about it here: Tips and Resources on Adoption from the Awesome Admin Community.

If you know of any that we are missing, please let us know.

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