Dreamforce 2017 Admin Track Call for Presentations Is Open!


We want YOU to present at Dreamforce!

Dreamforce is coming, and we need #AwesomeAdmin content for the Admin Track! The Admin Track at Dreamforce 2017 is the platform for Admins to deliver and absorb engaging, actionable, and memorable content that helps them become awesome Salesforce Admins, drive success for their business, and elevate their careers.

The Dreamforce Admin Track CFP will remain open until June 30, 2017.

Our aim is to have all acceptances out by August 4, 2017. For those of you who are new to speaking or have never attended Dreamforce before, never fear – as long as you are passionate and knowledgeable you’ll be fine! We love first-time speakers and provide a great deal of support as you get ready for the Dreamforce stage, including a great Public Speaking Skills module on Trailhead.

Session Details

Breakout sessions will be in 40-minute blocks. We recommend you plan 30-35 minutes for your presentation, leaving the last 5-10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Theater sessions will be in 20-minute blocks. Because of this format there isn’t the ability for a question and discussion time, however speakers can meet with audience members in the zone after their presentation.

What’s the difference between a breakout session and a theater session?

Breakout sessions are held in dedicated session rooms with seats. Breakout sessions allow you, the speaker, to dive deeper into a topic. Breakout sessions can be scheduled throughout the Dreamforce campus, however, we do our best to keep Salesforce Admin session in the same location. The format also allows for audience members to engage with the speaker and ask questions.

Theater sessions will be held in the Admin Meadow on the theater stage. Dreamforce attendees are free to walk up and listen to your session. There is some seating available, but attendees can stand as well. Theater sessions are shorter in length- 20 minutes total and often centered around topics that easy for Salesforce Admins to engage in and have actionable items for them to learn in a short time period.

What Makes a Good Proposal?

First, let’s start with the Session Title. It should be something that will be of interest to  Salesforce Admins, and you should word it in a way that makes it very clear to those attendees what you’ll be covering (in no more than 80 characters). Remember at Dreamforce the content options are many, so you’ll want your topic to be very clear.

The Session Abstract field is where you’ll give a short paragraph to quickly tell us what you’re going to talk about. Be creative! Don’t just explain your slide deck, but share your ideas for interacting with the audience: What are you going to build/demo? What discussion will you lead? What will your audience be able to take home with them and show to their companies? Remember this will eventually be published in the guide and will be the public-facing view of what your talk is about. It should be compelling and clearly communicate what attendees can expect to learn from your session. Spell it out so they know exactly what to expect.

Why do you want to present at Dreamforce? This is your opportunity to tell us about your speaking experience, and how you will inspire Admins to be their best. It’s also your chance to give us more information on why this session is important for Salesforce Admins. Creativity counts and this your chance to help make your submission stand out.

If you have more than one topic you’d like to propose, please complete the submission process again for each topic. Of course, you can submit as many proposals as you like, but we find that when speakers focus their energy on two or three great proposals they often shine above the rest.

Suggested Topics

We’re looking for fun, engaging sessions that provide actionable content that helps Salesforce Admins build their skills, elevate their careers, and deliver innovative technology solutions for their companies. Here are some ideas for sessions we’d like to see:

  • How Admins can lead their company to the future with Lightning
  • Salesforce Admins Innovating with Einstein
  • Increasing user productivity

This list is by no means exhaustive – if you have a great session proposal that we haven’t mentioned, we’d love to hear about it! Need some inspiration? Check out videos from all of the sessions from 2016.

Note that this call for presentations is aimed at sessions focusing on tools and technologies, by Admins, for Admins – show us the Setup Menu!

What to Expect

Proposals go through multiple evaluations. You can read about the process we used in 2016 in its entirety here.
The first round of evaluation will be “blind” – meaning that the content committee will only have access to the session details, and not to the information of the person submitting. During the review process you may be contacted for more information about your proposal. All who submit a proposal will hear from us with the decision on August 4, 2017. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to provide specific feedback. Should your proposal be approved you will then begin a multi-step process of review and feedback. These required check-ins help both new and experienced speakers say on target for session delivery and ensure the best session possible.

If your session is accepted, you will receive a speaker pass to attend Dreamforce 2017. If you’ve already registered to attend you’ll get instructions on how to either refund that registration or transfer to a co-worker.

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