Introduction to Flow Webinar Summary & Video


Just a little while back, we did a webinar with flow experts Brian Kwong and Mark Ross, Introduction to Flow. We introduced you to Flow and showed you a live demo of a real life use case which you can follow along and replicate in your own org. 

Watch full Webinar here: 


What is Flow?

Flow is a declarative development tool that allows you to automate business processes. Using flows, you can display visual screens to gather information from users and automatically update records.

But, you might be thinking, what about Process Builder? Process Builder can do a lot of things. But, you can’t interact with your users using Process Builder. Flow is a more complex tool that allows you to create visual screens to interact with your users and more. In fact, Flow is the engine which runs Process Builder! Here’s what the Cloud Flow Designer looks like:

Use Case / Demo

Mark had a problem. His users were requesting new features and new users by leaving post-its on his desk, talking to him in the hallway between meetings, and all sorts of random ways where he had a hard time keeping track of them. Most of the time, Mark was missing the information he needed to properly address the request. 

That’s where Brian came in to help Mark build a series of visual screens to enable users to enter in their requests using a flow. Brian used the Cloud Flow Designer to create a flow that would gather the required information from the user depending on the type of request, and create a case so Mark can track it in Salesforce.

Lightning App Builder

Now that we’ve built this great flow, how do we deploy it to users? Use the flow component in the Lightning App Builder! With the Lightning App Builder, we can now display flows on record pages, home pages, or custom app pages by dragging the flow component onto the page you want to display it on. Brian added this user request flow to the home page, enabling users to easily log a request for a new feature or new user. This screenshot shows how you can use the Lightning App Builder to drop the flow component in and customize it:


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