Be a Builder ?


Join us on a 10-day learning adventure where you’ll build a business app from start to finish.

Get ready to deliver innovation by building awesome apps on the platform. Learn how to take each step in the app building process with help from our Salesforce Admin & Developer evangelists. Every morning at 10 a.m. PDT, we’ll post a new video covering the “Topic of the Day” and demo an app-in-progress to the Be a Builder page. Watch the video, complete the recommended module, and earn the badge. Follow along with us (or build your own custom app using the same principles) and you’ll master app building in no time. And if you have questions or get stuck along the way, post in the Admin Trailblazers group using #beabuilder.

Build, earn and get recognized!

Not only will you be on track to master app building, but you can win some awesome prizes too! On April 30, May 1, May 7, and May 9, the daily video will include special “shout out” instructions. Simply share out on Twitter and you’ll be entered to win an exclusive prize pack that includes a custom Be a Builder T-shirt, a Trailhead water bottle, wooden coasters, and a surprise! Plus, if you complete the superbadge by May 31st, you’ll also earn a special Be a Builder community badge and pin (while supplies last).

BONUS: You can take your app-building adventure even further. If you decide to take the custom app route over the 10-day period, you can then submit your creation in the APPVENTURES contest. Five lucky teams will win a trip to Dreamforce to be recognized as leaders in app development on the Lightning Platform—check out all the exciting deets here.

Get inspired

Learning how to build and customize apps to solve specific business needs can help you better understand Salesforce.  And, I’m not the only one who believes this:

With our tips to help get you in the right mindset and examples to get you thinking about the awesome apps you could build, you’ll be inspired every day of this 10-day learning adventure!

Join the adventure!

Codey sitting on a hill

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