Get Ready to Submit your Presentation Ideas for the Dreamforce 2018 Admin Track!


There is an idea… to unite a group of remarkable people. People so incredible, that when we need them most, they can inspire Salesforce Admins in a way only Admins can do. Now is that time. Dreamforce is coming!

A little too over the top? Ok, perhaps I’ve been watching too many superhero movies this summer. But, if I had a signal on top of a tall tower, consider it lit! Time to get those #AwesomeAdmin capes out and don your thinking caps. Call for Presentations is coming!

On June 15, 2018, we will launch the Call for Presentations for the Admin Track at Dreamforce. The complete submission process will be outlined at that time. That will be your chance to submit your idea for a session and possibly be chosen to speak at Dreamforce this year!

Get started right now

Do you have an idea or topic that Salesforce Admins should learn about at Dreamforce? Now is the time to start perfecting that idea. Think about the topics that you are most knowledgeable and passionate about. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm how to go deep into the topic. The Admin community has a very diverse skill set from “just getting started” to “many years experience.” Your presentation doesn’t have to cover that range, so feel free to go deep into a singular idea.

Consider what type of presentation you would want to give. Maybe putting together a short 20-minute presentation that can be given in a theater is more your jam? Perhaps 20 minutes isn’t enough and you want to tackle a bigger topic by giving a breakout session presentation? Challenge yourself, and know your audience.

Contact your Salesforce Admin friends. Many presentations are given with a co-presenter, that way each of you can provide a unique perspective and go deep on a certain topic. Start brainstorming with them on topics that you could present together. Challenge each other to think about topics that you both haven’t heard presented yet. Share advanced solutions you’ve built together that other Admins could benefit from.

Brush up on your presentation skills

If you’ve never presented before, or want to improve your presentation skills, check out the Public Speaking Skills module on Trailhead for the best tips and tricks. At Dreamforce we welcome all speakers and provide a guided path in the Admin track to help you curate the best content in your session. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of work. But the pay off of inspiring a whole room of Admins to be their best is— well— priceless.

Get inspiration and guidance from popular DF17 sessions

Last year, we had amazing sessions created by you the Salesforce Admin for the Salesforce Admin. You can view the entire track on here. To get your creative juices flowing we’ve pulled some of the most attended and fun sessions for you to watch.

Look for more details to be announced on June 15, 2018. In the meantime, enjoy the videos and start brainstorming!

Trailhead Resource
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