Why Salesforce Admins Should Attend TrailheaDX 2019


TrailheaDX is an amazing Salesforce Developer Conference. But, I am here to tell you that TrailheaDX is, in fact, not just for Developers but for Salesforce Admins, Architects, and everyone! I attended last year as a beginner Admin, so I decided to share some of my thoughts on why I’m attending again this year, and why other Admins should too.

A different kind of event

So there’s no question that Dreamforce is unlike any other event. It’s the biggest technology event in the world with over 170,000 people attending from all over the globe! One of the things I really liked about last year’s TrailheaDX was that it’s much smaller than Dreamforce. At not even 10% of the size it felt like a cross between Dreamforce and World Tour; where you have a bunch of great content, including sessions, workshops, etc., but you have the relative ease of getting around. I found it easy to maneuver, including getting to back-to-back sessions easily — something not so easily done at Dreamforce!

Content for Admins

That’s right. At a developer conference, there are actually sessions specifically for Admins. And no, I don’t just mean developer sessions with an Admin spin, or non-technical sessions. There are actual Salesforce Administrator sessions, just for us! Attending last year as an Admin with minimal experience, I found plenty of beneficial sessions. In fact, the first session I attended was from Admin Evangelist LeeAnne Rimel!

The agenda is starting to fill up with all sorts of great Salesforce Administrator sessions, so keep checking back to build your ideal two days.

Try something new

So you’re at a technical conference which has great content for administrators, but why not take the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone a little? Drop in to a beginner developer or architect session to see what they’re about. Who knows, maybe that will become a new interest to aim for?

Connect with your fellow Admins

Something I recommend for any in-person event you can attend: make new friends! Whether it’s by doing some groundwork in advance on the Trailblazer Community or tweeting your heart out to @trailhead and #TDX19, or just on the ground, it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with your fellow Administrators.

There’s a “Trailblazer Celebration” on the opening night of the conference, plus the ample opportunities at all of the Admin sessions you can attend. You should also take advantage of some of the other community events happening during the week. After all, we can’t resist the chance to get together when we’re all in the same city! Don’t forget to say “hi” to the members of the #AwesomeAdmin team whom you’ll no doubt see around the conference, too.


Everyone that attends TrailheaDX on the Full Conference pass receives two certification vouchers worth $200 US each. For those of us attending Bootcamp on the Ultimate Pass, you receive two additional opportunities to sit for certification exams on site. One before, and one after Bootcamp ends. Definitely take advantage of both on-site opportunities.I plan to sit for the Advanced Admin exam before Bootcamp as a free practice exam.

Last but not least, Bootcamp – Ultimate Pass!

Ok, so this might sound like the obvious answer, but TDX Bootcamp specifically includes two courses for Admins: Administrator and Advanced Administrator. Of course, there are opportunities for Admins to reach further with Declarative Platform App Builder and Application and Systems Architect tracks, but there are opportunities for those of us just getting started on our #AwesomeAdmin journeys. Be sure to consider which option is best for you, and could help you stretch outside your comfort zone to learn new things!

Check out all the information you need to choose your ideal track right here.

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