Create Your First AI-Powered Prediction with Einstein Prediction Builder


For some of us, artificial intelligence seems like a cool concept that we just don’t have the means or time to incorporate at our companies. But, what if it wasn’t super time-consuming? What if it was free? That would mean it’s time to investigate, right? Great! Because now, as of the Spring ’20 release, all Enterprise Edition and above orgs can build one free prediction with Einstein Prediction Builder.

We recently did a Trailhead Live session with Salesforce Einstein expert Rajiv Patel to learn how to approach building your first prediction. You can build this custom AI model on any Salesforce object to predict business outcomes, such as customer churn or lifetime value.

We walk through each step of the wizard so you can start building your own predictions today!

Watch the recording of this Trailhead Live session below 👇

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Trailhead Module
Learn how to build and troubleshoot a prediction.

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