Leverage Dynamic Forms and Actions to Build Experiences Your Users Will Love


With Dynamic Forms and Actions going non-GA preview and Beta respectively in the Summer ’20 Release, we were extra excited to help admins all over get hands-on with the highly anticipated new features. Dynamic Forms and Actions let you, as a Salesforce Admin, build highly flexible, dynamic experiences your users will love, enabling you to customize by the page values users see, the device users use, and the role or profile they have.

Be An Innovator with Dynamic Pages learning adventure

Leading up to the Summer ’20 release, we asked admins around the world to join us for #BeAnInnovator with Dynamic Pages, a fun learning adventure for building a smart, dynamic record page from start to finish. With all the videos now released, you can watch and learn at your own pace. 

#AwesomeAdmins build pages

We are thrilled to see all the creative iterations of record pages you have built and shared as part of #BeAnInnovator. We’ve also received great feedback in the survey that we’re taking note of. One piece of feedback that really stood out to me was the request for more examples. I hear ya — seeing how and what others are building is a great source of inspiration! I’ve selected a few unique use cases I found on Twitter and highlighted them below. But I want to share MOAR! If you have an interesting use case, please share it with me.

Here are some great examples of dynamic pages built by #AwesomeAdmins:

Mentorship Program Page by Igor Corti

Igor created a mentorship page after being inspired by the Salesforce Mentorship program he participated in last year.

Igor says, “I was able to introduce a mentee to the Toronto User Group and help him with mock interviews. While participating in the program, the mentee was asking great questions with regard to Community Cloud, and it occurred to me that it would be great if mentors and mentees could specify areas of interest/expertise.”

He continues, “In the past, the only way to achieve this would be with a combination of different record types and page layouts. Now, with dynamic pages, one record type and one page layout can handle this scenario, eliminating unnecessary upkeep with multiple record types and page layouts. By leveraging the component visibility, an admin is able to control the ‘areas of expertise/interest’ displayed in a page through the picklist values: Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Service Cloud, etc. This is what inspired me to create ‘Mentors for Good’ for this challenge!”

Automobile Service Centre Page by Heena Karir

Heena created a car service record page to track visits and highlight visit information. In her own words:
“An automobile service centre uses Salesforce to track customer cars and service visits. Cars can be owned by companies or individuals. Notifications are sent to car owners 15 days prior to their next car service visit. Once a car is scheduled for a visit, a case is created and assigned to a service agent’s queue. Admins can then assign them to individual service agents based on car model and make. When agents open the case and go to car record, they can view past car visit related information and any notes that were added for the same (this data is not visible to all). We also keep track of the number of cars owned by a company or individual and the number of visits to date for each car.”

Coaching Page by Benjamin Bratcher

Here is some background on the coaching record page Benjamin created:
“In general, an important design principle when it comes to Lightning Pages is to prioritize information that users will most frequently access when viewing a record, and to use tabs and accordions to hide any additional information. Not only does this create a better user experience but also leads to better page performance. Since Dynamic Forms and Actions only work on custom objects, I was thinking of a simple custom object I could create in my pre-release org to build dynamic pages on.

My first idea was a coaching object which would be used to keep track of a manager and employee’s one-on-one meetings, so that you have a continuous feed of their interactions with each other. Since the priority of the object is collaboration, I featured the Chatter component and the Whiteboard field (rich text) in its own section in the main region. This would allow the manager and their employee to collaborate together more easily. Since the activity and related lists aren’t the focus for this type of record, I put those in non-default tabs in the main region. I placed the highlights panel and path in the header since I think those components are great ways to get information quickly. Finally, I added an accordion in the right side bar showing the additional fields, files, and field history. You don’t have to see the files or history all the time, so they can be placed in closed accordion sections to enhance page performance.”

We had a blast building dynamic pages as part of the Be An Innovator adventure, and we hope to see many more of you join the fun. Here are some more moments from the adventure.

The future of Dynamic Pages

As with many new features, there’s lots more coming in the roadmap. Check out our Ask Me Anything session we hosted with Product Manager Vin Addala where he addressed many questions that have come up since launching this adventure.

Complete the trailmix and set your next goal

Complete the trailmix by June 30, 2020, to earn the Be An Innovator community badge and unlock a contribution of $10 to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, powered by the UN Foundation. Hit the trail, finish the trailmix!

What will you do next to deliver innovation at your company? Share your goals with us on Twitter using #BeAnInnovator!


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