Supercharge Productivity with Einstein Search


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Let’s face it. Every #AwesomeAdmin knows that being productive is all about working smarter, not harder. That’s why we’ve given search a big boost in brainpower with results that are more actionable and tailored to how your users work in Salesforce. Introducing Einstein Search: a way to supercharge productivity in one centralized location! Let’s take a look at this powerful tool and how it can help you help your users. Keep reading to learn more about  Einstein Search, and how you can be an early adopter and check it out today! Please keep in mind, Einstein Search is still in Beta, and will only be available for customer environments that meet the requirements listed below in the setup steps. 

What Is Einstein Search?

… It’s personal. 

With so many records in your org, it’s important to cut through the clutter when you search. That’s why Einstein Search provides search results that are tailored to the unique way your users work in Salesforce. With personalized search, your users get search results that are based on the geographical locations, industries, statuses, product areas, and people that matter most to them. For example, if Ben covers accounts in California, or Kara is interested in accounts in Connecticut, Einstein boosts records with those traits in their search results.


… It’s actionable. 

As soon as you start typing in the global search box, Einstein Search gives you instant access to record previews, actions, quick links, and suggested searches. It’s a great way to skip the clicks and get work done faster, like instantly creating an opportunity on an account. And best of all, you can use search result layouts to customize what your users can instantly access. 


Einstein Search also shows the right record when we’re confident we know what you’re looking for. Just type in the search box and press enter to see a recommended result.


… It’s natural. 

With Einstein search, your users can instantly access lists of records with all the right filters directly from the global search box. For example, if a sales rep types in “my open opportunities in New York”, Einstein Search interprets those words like a human would. That means search results show every opportunity owned by your sales rep with an open status from their account in New York. It’s an awesome way to quickly access important data when you can’t find a report or don’t have time to create one. 


Watch How to Set It Up

Try It Out

Here are a few things to know about enabling Einstein Search features.

  • Einstein Search is available at no additional cost with Unlimited, Enterprise, Performance, and Professional Editions
  • You’ll need to create an Einstein Search permission set license and assign the permission set to users.
  • From Setup, enter Einstein Search in the Quick Find box, then select Enable Einstein Search. Select Turn on Personalization (Beta) and click Save

Get all the nitty-gritty details about setting up Einstein Search in Salesforce help: Set Up and Manage Einstein Search Features. Check the Einstein Search Beta Limitations documentation for specific information about whether or not you will be able to use this feature in your org. Join the *Salesforce Einstein* Trailblazer community to connect with Einstein product experts and other customers!

Get Your Users Stoked About Einstein Search!

When you enable Einstein Search, don’t forget to tell your users about it. Simple #AwesomeAdmin reminders in the form of Chatter posts, emails, or trainings do the trick. You can use and adapt this example email as a template for your communications!


For more on how to supercharge productivity with Einstein Search, check out this blog post: Increase Remote Worker Productivity with Einstein Search.

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