TDX Tuesday: Build Reports Lightning Fast


Hey #AwesomeAdmins! Every Tuesday this month, we will talk about the awesome TDX sessions we saw last month. We realize you may not have a whole day to set aside for learning, but we bet you can find 30 minutes this week (and next week, and maybe the week after that!). ?

Admin Episode: Build Reports Lightning Fast!

The Admin Channel at #TDX20 features an awesome session on building reports faster using Lightning Report Builder, with Lightning Report and Dashboard product managers Ankita Dutta and Anusha Surepeddi.

This session covers three ways you can build reports faster:

1. Use actions on the run page

Ankita shares some tips so you can quickly add and remove fields and filters like: disable preview, look up fields in outline rather than drag and drop, sort ascending and descending, sort by Aggregate, Add Unique Count, and allow to quickly filter via URL parameters.

2. Create row vs. summary formulas

Calculate at each record of grouping level. Features highlighted in this demo include: summarize a field, Summary Level Formula, Row Level Formula (+some restrictions on Row Level Formula).

3. Auto add fields to report types

Automatically add new fields to associated custom report types. Demo shows how new fields are automatically added to custom report types, saving you time when building custom reports.

Resources for #AwesomeAdmins

If some of this felt advanced, we recommend reading up on custom report types and getting the 101 on Lightning Report Builder. And, we have even more resources for you! Check out the Admin Analytics page for relevant blog posts, videos, podcasts, groups, and other resources.

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