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Hey #AwesomeAdmins! Every Tuesday this month, we will talk about the awesome TDX sessions we saw last month. We realize you may not have a whole day to set aside for learning, but we bet you can find 30 minutes this week (and next week, and maybe the week after that!). 🌮

Admin Episode: Building Mobile Experiences Fast with Salesforce

The Admin Channel at #TDX20 features an awesome session on building mobile experiences fast with mobile product manager Joshua Schneyer and product marketing manager Ryane Bohm.


This session covers:

Using low-code builders to create custom mobile experiences

Using the low-code tool Lightning App Builder, you can build completely custom end-user experiences and Lightning applications on top of the Salesforce mobile app for your employees.

Proactive communication is key to success, especially as the digital experience shifts to remote work. How do I ensure my teams get the latest and greatest communication from the company? With Notification Builder. Admins can quickly set up custom notifications using Process Builder.

Take these custom experiences one step further by adding branding and publishing capabilities using Mobile Publisher for Salesforce mobile app, and secure everything with Mobile App Security & Compliance enhancements.

Salesforce also offers low-code builders for partners and customers

The Salesforce mobile app delivers great experiences to your employees, boosting speed and productivity by default. But what about your customer experiences? Using Mobile Publisher, the customer experience you know and love on desktop is instantly mobile with a native mobile application where we handle the backend builds and deployment processes, allowing you to focus on what’s important. We take care of notifications, customer experience, branding, and more.

Leveraging Briefcase Builder, an offline builder for any mobile experience

Salesforce is constantly innovating and listening to feedback from our customers and Trailblazers, which is why we are bringing you one of the most highly requested features: a robust offline builder for any mobile experience.

Coming soon to a mobile app near you, Briefcase Builder offers rich offline experiences for your teams in the field whether they be field service, sales, or remote employees.

Eventually, this will become a platform capability that you can put on ANY app — so everybody gets a briefcase!

Diving deeper into Notification Builder

Notification Builder is a very powerful tool that can help admins drive adoption. Here’s a deep dive into some interesting use cases and functionality of Notification Builder.

Common questions from this session, answered!

Notification Builder

Question: Who can receive a notification from Notification Builder?
Answer: Notification Builder notifications are addressed to a user, so just about anyone with a user record is eligible to receive them. For example, standard and community users could get a notification, but not a guest user.

Question: Notification Builder is awesome. Can I build too many notifications?
Answer: It’s certainly possible to send too many notifications, which can wind up having the opposite effect and causing users to tune out. Therefore, we always want to make sure we’re sending notifications for things that are relevant and actionable.

Question: Can I send Notification Builder notifications to any app?
Answer: Notification Builder notifications are supported by the Salesforce mobile app and mobile publisher apps. And now, in the Summer ’20 release, you can also send notifications to custom mobile apps built on the Customer 360 Platform.

Briefcase Builder

Question: Should I be thinking about a record limit when I create briefcases?
Answer: We always want to be mindful of the amount of data we store for offline use on a user’s device. It’s not necessarily about taking up too much memory (which is a legitimate concern), but we also need to consider keeping all that data current. If a user is frequently out of coverage, we want to ensure their device is able to keep the most important data synced when they do have a connection. So, we always want to ensure our offline briefcases are configured to get the records they really need out in the field — and not try to load the whole kitchen sink.

Question: With Briefcase Builder allowing offline edits, what happens if an edit is made offline and, later, an edit is made online that conflicts? Which one takes priority?
Answer: You can expect the same experience you would have now with the Salesforce mobile app. If a record you’ve edited offline is changed by someone else, you’ll be prompted to resolve any conflicting values when your connection is restored and your edits are uploaded.

Resources for #AwesomeAdmins

To learn more about mobile, check out our blog for the latest resources and content.

Watch the Summer 20 release mobile highlights from the Admin Preview Release Readiness Live show on YouTube.


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