Virtual TrailheaDX 2020 for Admins


Salesforce is bringing a completely reimagined experience to you. TrailheaDX ’20 will be a one-of-a-kind virtual experience that connects makers, builders, doers, and dreamers looking to improve their Salesforce skillset. This year’s event includes exciting new demos, customer testimonials, content episodes featuring the latest technology, Q&A with product experts, awesome networking opportunities, special announcements from Salesforce executives, and an unforgettable broadcast featuring a luminary speaker.

TrailheaDX. It’s new, it’s virtual, it’s live.

We’ll be broadcasting live, interactive, expert-led content across four broadcast channels on June 25, starting at 9 am (PST). Those channels include Admin, Architect, Developer, and Entrepreneur. Tune into the Admin Channel to hear from your favorite product managers, who are excited to share the latest innovations on the platform for #AwesomeAdmins. Together, we’re going to build apps fast, automate with clicks, drive insight through analytics, and go mobile all while delivering security at enterprise scale. Watch the sessions, learn the latest, and queue up your questions for our experts.

You can also check out the virtual expo to explore Salesforce features, what’s new with the platform, our cloud products, how we support sustainability, and, of course, the latest on Trailhead and certifications. You’ll get information and answers straight from some of the people who help create the features and products themselves by interacting directly with them via a Q&A system.

Whether you’re planning to join in live, host a virtual watch party with friends, or tune in after, you’ll find a lot in store for Salesforce Admins at TrailheaDX ’20.

Your TV Guide for the Admin Channel

Trailblazing Together and Innovating Through Change Keynote
Start your day with the keynote, streaming across all channels. Join host Sarah Franklin, EVP and GM Platform, Trailhead, & AppExchange, and special guests as we look at how customers and Trailblazers are rapidly building solutions for their businesses in our new normal. It’s more important than ever to be able to innovate quickly, scale with confidence, and empower everyone to build on the platform. We’ll show you how the Customer 360 Platform is your key to success in this keynote packed with special guests, Trailblazers, and product announcements you don’t want to miss. Follow along with the Keynote Watch at Home Guide available on the Developer Blog on June 25th before the broadcast begins.

LowCodeLove: From Dynamic Experiences to Walkthroughs
Speakers: Shubhankar Viragi, Associate Product Manager, Lightning App Builder; Farhan Tahir, Vice President, Platform Product Management; Tim Dubois, Director, Product Management
#LowCodeLove is all about delivering amazing experiences while increasing productivity. In this session, we’ll share how you can build Dynamic Pages, including how to leverage permissions while making sure that users adopt these changes with In-App Guidance Walkthroughs. It will be an end-to-end showcase from idea through to delivery and rollout!

Digitize Your Business Fast with Automation
Speakers: Alex Edelstein, Senior Director, Product Management, Automation and Decisioning
In today’s environment, companies are transforming and going digital for the first time, or they’re reimagining their existing in-person or manual processes as they no longer work in a digital realm. At the heart of this transformation is automation. Learn how you can supercharge your business transformation and create intelligent apps using Flow Builder and Next Best Action.

Build Reports Lightning Fast!
Speakers: Ankita Dutta, Senior Product Manager, Einstein Analytics Experience; Anusha Surepeddi, Product Management Director, Einstein Analytics
Learn how to build faster reports using Lightning Report Builder with Lightning Report and Dashboard product managers Ankita and Anusha!

Building Mobile Experiences Fast with Salesforce
Speakers: Ryane Bohm, Senior Manager, Emerging Technology Product Marketing; Joshua Schneyer, Product Manager, Mobile Platform
Learn the new fast actions you can use as well as row-level vs. summary-level formulas, and get a sneak peek into building faster report types.

How to Build Intelligent Apps for Any Customer and Employee
Speakers: Sanjna Parulekar, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Salesforce Einstein; Phil Moore, Director, Technical Product Marketing, Einstein; Sara Asher, Senior Director, Product Management, Einstein Platform
In these challenging times, everyone is looking to technologies that will help them engage more effectively with customers and help their employees be more productive. AI can help in a variety of ways to achieve these goals, but it can be really daunting to get started with. Salesforce Admins and Developers — Einstein is here to help! In this session, you’ll learn how to quickly get started with Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Next Best Action to build intelligent apps for your employees. You will also get some tips on how to create a seamless service experience for your customers with Einstein Bots.

Build Mission-Critical Experiences, Fast with Community Cloud and Salesforce CMS
Speakers: Zach Hawtof, Product Manager, Community Cloud; Kusum Kanwar, Director, Product Management, Community Cloud
Lightning Web Components introduced developer productivity and blazing fast performance. Salesforce CMS has reinvented our platform from the bottom-up to take advantage of these new opportunities and provide a developer-driven experience for building B2C performance experiences.

Introducing Security Command Center
Speakers: Rahul Awasthy, Senior Director, Product Marketing; John Whelan, Director, Product Management
As your portfolio of Salesforce products grows, so does the complexity and level of effort required to understand and maintain your security posture. With multiple Salesforce orgs, clouds, and products, it can be a challenge to keep track of everything, leading to reduced visibility into security, longer security reviews, and increased risk. In this session, we unveil Salesforce Security Command Center and showcase how we’re making it easy to take charge of your security in a multi-org, multi-cloud world.

How to Reopen with Intelligent Predictions from Tableau and Einstein Discovery
Speaker: John Demby, Lead Creative Strategist, Solution Engineering
During this session, we will educate viewers on the latest innovations around Tableau, Einstein, and Salesforce with no-code examples to quickly explore data and bring that data and those insights into Salesforce. If you are curious about the power of Tableau + Einstein + Salesforce working in harmony together, then this is the session you will not want to miss.

Champion Productivity with Service Cloud
Speaker: Purvi Desai, Director, Product Marketing, Service Cloud
Tune into this episode to learn best practices for maximizing user experience and productivity for your service agents. We’ll go through Service Console tips straight from our UX team and also dive into the pre-built apps, automation, and AI available to help you help agents solve issues faster.

Ask the Experts: Admin Edition
Get your questions answered live in this special episode featuring product experts Purvi Desai (Service Cloud), John Whelan (Security), and Joshua Schneyer (Mobile), hosted by Admin Evangelist Mike Gerholdt. Post your questions directly in the chat throughout the session.

Architect, Developer, and Community & Ecosystem Channels

But wait, there’s more! As mentioned earlier, TDX will feature FOUR broadcast channels. We definitely encourage you to check out the other channels:

  • The Architect Channel is all about what you need to know now to guide your teams and customers through change.
  • While tuned into the Developer Channel, you’ll learn about the low-code and pro-code resources and tools you can use to develop industry-leading enterprise apps, get the latest guidance on how to innovate through change, and see what’s possible with the Customer 360 Platform, straight from Salesforce product managers and engineers.
  • Tune in to the Community & Ecosystem Channel to learn how to drive your company’s digital transformation, develop faster than ever with the Customer 360 Platform, leverage best-in-class apps and solutions from AppExchange, discover new marketable skills, and earn resume-worthy Salesforce credentials with Trailhead.

True to the Core

Join Salesforce executives Bret Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer; Parker Harris, Co-founder and CTO; Sarah Franklin, EVP and GM Platform, Trailhead, and AppExchange; and Salesforce Product Managers for the True to the Core session. We will round out TrailheaDX with the opportunity to virtually engage with our execs and get your questions answered.

Do you have an idea or topic you’d like addressed during the live True to the Core session? Head to to submit your questions!

Plan Ahead

We recommend you do some planning using agenda builder before the event to make your experience awesome:

  • Think about your knowledge gaps. Is it Einstein, Commerce Cloud, MuleSoft, or Quip? What products or features are you less than familiar with?
  • What do you need to know? Will you be implementing Communities in the upcoming year or integrating with more systems? If so, look for the Communities segment that will give you best practices and implementation tips.
  • Mix up your segment viewing! At TrailheaDX this year, we have 20-minute segments, ask the expert sessions, demos, and so much more. Make sure you make time to check out each.

What You Can Do Now

  1. Register here.
  2. Build your agenda, add admin channel sessions to your agenda.
  3. Submit your questions through this link for Ask the Experts and True to the Core!

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