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Join us for #LowCodeLove: Build the Apps You Need, Fast


The global pandemic has significantly changed the way businesses operate. And admins everywhere have sprung into action to adapt existing processes or to design, and roll out, new processes that are having a huge impact. Just last week, we heard about Salesforce Admin Jeff Berger, who built a Salesforce app in just 5 hours to manage new requirements for the CARES Act Paycheck Protections Program. Listen to the full story here.

Here at Salesforce, we have been inspired by the daily stories of businesses finding new and innovative ways to serve their customers and communities. With low-code tools, Salesforce Admins and Developers are quickly responding to their businesses’ changing needs without compromising quality, security, or scalability.


Join us for #LowCodeLove — a virtual event bringing together IT Leaders and Trailblazers from around the world — to hear from Trailblazers like you who are quickly reimagining their processes, empowering their workforce, and going digital.

Hosted by:
Bret Taylor, Salesforce President & Chief Operating Officer
Sarah Franklin, EVP and GM Platform, Trailhead & Developers

📆 Thursday, May 7
⏰ 11:00 a.m. PT
👉 Register here
Then, join us on Salesforce LIVE.

Join and:

  • See how admins and developers are delivering critical innovation with low-code.
  • Discover how to bring ideas to life fast, without compromising trust.
  • Hear the latest news on the Customer 360 Platform.
  • Enjoy live entertainment from a musical guest.


Hear from Salesforce experts:

Leah McGowan-Hare 

John Kucera

Vin Addala

LeeAnne Rimel

Monica Roberts

Vlad Gerasimov

Mike Gerholdt

Gillian Bruce

AMA After-Party

You’re also invited to the AMA after-party, a 30-minute “Ask Me Anything” where Salesforce Product Managers will answer your hardest questions. Join Salesforce SVP of Product Ryan Ellis, Principal Architect Evangelist Zayne Turner, Sr. Admin Evangelist Marc Baizman, and Salesforce Product Managers right after the event at 12:00 p.m. PT. Share your questions now through May 7 using the hashtags #LowCodeLove and #SFDevChat.

We’re excited to see you at the #LowCodeLove virtual event.

Register today!

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