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Get Hands on With Parker’s Dreamforce ’19 Admin Keynote Trailmix


Get hands-on with the features and functionality we showed during the #AwesomeAdmin Keynote!

At the Salesforce for Admins Keynote, we focus on sharing stories and demos that are actionable right now. Zarina Varley Scott champions productivity with the new Salesforce Mobile App, Blockchain App Builder, and Object Creator. Steve Harris delivers innovation for his users with Flow, Salesforce Maps, and Einstein Voice. We also saw how Admins can gain visibility into their implementations and drive career conversations with Lightning Usage Apps and Salesforce Optimizer.

Now it’s your turn!

We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to implement the same innovations at your company. Start doing the Parker’s #DF19 Salesforce for Admins Keynote Highlights Trailmix to get hands-on with these new features and functionality.

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