Skill Up and Utilize MuleSoft Composer

6 Resources to Help You Skill Up and Utilize MuleSoft Composer


Innovation is no longer just IT’s responsibility! In fact, more than 76% of business users like admins want to get involved in new ways to enhance internal digital services at their companies. Salesforce Admins use clicks, not code, to automate solutions. However, that often means relying on programmatic tools to connect data across systems. That’s no longer the case thanks to MuleSoft Composer.

Check out these Dreamforce ’21 sessions and our new MuleSoft Composer trailmix and connectors to see how MuleSoft Composer empowers admins to connect data and automate processes.

Fast and Easy Integration with MuleSoft Composer

Dive into this session to see an end-to-end sales and service automation built with clicks right within Salesforce. Hear from #AwesomeAdmin Jennifer Cole, Salesforce Administrator at 908 Devices, about her experience using MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce to create a single source of truth for her sales and field scientist teams. As Jennifer says, “Where we’re finding limitations in our integration today is that I really can’t customize it. […] Composer is actually going to open up that flexibility which is really exciting to be able to take an integration and make it better for my team.” When talking about what drew Jennifer to MuleSoft Composer so early, she says, “Composer has that intuitive, point-and-click algebra feel.” This allows her to solve complex business integration as a Salesforce Admin.

Watch the session here.

Awesome Admin Jennifer Cole presenting at Dreamforce 2021.

Automate Apps Fast for #AwesomeAdmins

“If automation is about building an efficient engine to run your business, then the data in the underlying systems is the fuel which powers that engine.” — Diana Jaffe, Director of Salesforce Product Management

But bringing outside data into Salesforce can be challenging without knowing how to code. This session highlights the different Salesforce tools — like Einstein Automate, Flow Orchestrator, and MuleSoft Composer — that admins can use to orchestrate data and build automations. Watch this session to see a demo of Google Sheets data being brought into Salesforce using Composer!

Follow along here.

Connect Apps and Data with MuleSoft Composer

Join MuleSoft Product Managers Ashley Simons and David Louie to learn how to build a Composer automation step-by-step and how Composer differs from other integration tools. This session allows you to “look under the hood” and see the backend process of setting up MuleSoft Composer within a Salesforce org. After understanding these processes, Salesforce Admins will be able to “create Composer flows from within the Salesforce Lightning UI.”

Learn more here.

MuleSoft Composer trailmix

To help our #AwesomeAdmins skill up, we recently launched a new trailmix for you to learn the basics of MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce. It also provides step-by-step instructions on how to utilize the Slack, Tableau, Workday, Google Sheets, NetSuite, Twilio, and other MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce connectors.

Two new MuleSoft Composer connectors

In a previous blog post, we mentioned that MuleSoft Composer includes a variety of out-of-the-box connectors — such as NetSuite, JIRA, Microsoft Teams, and Workday — that enable you to build integrations and automations right within Salesforce. This month, we’ve launched two new connectors to help you connect more systems than ever before.

There are now 16 MuleSoft connectors available.

Quickbooks Online

Automate sales workflows and synchronize core data, such as invoices and payments, using this cloud-based account software with other SaaS applications to eliminate data staleness, reduce cycle times, and streamline sales operations.


Give sales and support teams a holistic view of your customers by connecting this help desk management tool with other business apps, such as CRM, analytic tools, and even Gmail. Streamline support, build your single customer view, and analyze process efficiencies with the Zendesk connector.

If you have questions about these MuleSoft Composer connectors, join our MuleSoft Composer Trailblazer Community Group to ask our Composer experts! And keep an eye out this month for even more connectors coming your way. Compose away!


Build a strong knowledge foundation about integration. Get started with these resources:

Jen Cole pointing to herself and text to the left of her that says, "Manage Data with MuleSoft."

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