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Guidance Center Enhancements That Will Elevate the Onboarding Experience for Admins


In the Summer ’21 Release, we brought you the Guidance Center, your one-stop shop for learning and adoption best practice content all within the Sales and Service Cloud side panel. Since then, we’ve been hard at work adding more products and improving content and features so that you can have a faster onboarding experience as an #AwesomeAdmin.

In the Winter ’22 Release, we will roll out onboarding for Field Service Lightning and Health Cloud, as well as help all of you prepare for the upcoming multi-factor authentication (MFA) requirement. We also added the ability to check or uncheck whether you’ve completed that step already.

For customers that are just getting started with their Field Service Lightning implementation, we have a curated list of resources and best practices to get you going. Similarly, for Health Cloud customers, we will provide key steps to get your org up and running, including helping you download and install the Health Cloud Managed Package with just a couple clicks from your Salesforce instance. Also, for those Premier customers, we will always include exclusive Premier resources in Guidance Center so you can take advantage of those entitlements.

New in the October release: For qualifying Premier customers with Sales or Service Cloud, you’ll receive an invite to book a 1:1 Success Play with a Salesforce Success Guide. With just a couple clicks, and by filling out your name and email, you’ll have the opportunity to chat live with a Salesforce expert.

In the Spring ’22 Release, we will look at opening up the Guidance Center for some end users as well as adding additional products (Is that Pardot’s music!?!?). Also, we will continue to drive as personalized of an experience as possible — already enabled that org perm? Let’s check off that box!

How do I access the Guidance Center?

We’ve made it easy for you to access the Guidance Center while you work. Just log in, click the Trailhead icon in the global header (pictured below), and start exploring. Admins of any org can access it in the app.

The global header, where you can access the Guidance Center.

Let us know if you have ideas by utilizing the feedback feature in the Guidance Center or heading over to the Getting Started Community and using the hashtag #GuidanceCenter.


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