The Reimagined IdeExchange.

Meet the Reimagined IdeaExchange


The IdeaExchange is an always-on customer feedback platform where you can connect with the Trailblazer Community and Salesforce Product Managers. Through posting, voting, and prioritizing ideas on the IdeaExchange, you influence product roadmaps to make Salesforce better for everyone.

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with you to build a better IdeaExchange. And now, it’s finally available for you to use! During your next visit to the IdeaExchange, you’ll find it’s easier than ever to search for ideas, post ideas, and collaborate with product managers.

Let’s celebrate this milestone in our ongoing journey together! Check out more information about these new features below.

1. Intelligent search

Searching for ideas is now even easier! Use the power of keyword search and filters for product category, subcategory, status, and more to find ideas relevant to you. Track ideas you’ve posted, upvoted, and commented on in the new My Activity tab.

Example of intelligent search on the IdeaExchange.

2. Enhanced idea details

Now, you can access more information about the ideas that matter to you! You’ll get all of the info you need in one place with clearer statuses, you’ll get release notes for delivered ideas, and you’ll be able to view which product managers are specified for ideas in development.

Example of enhanced idea details.

3. Improved collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate with other Trailblazers and product teams through focused conversations using threaded comments. Bring someone into the conversation by @ mentioning other IdeaExchange users.

An example of a comment from a user on the IdeaExchange.

4. Simplified idea submission

Posting an idea is now streamlined. Browse categories efficiently before committing to one with the category picker, and determine if others have submitted similar ideas before posting your own.

Example of an idea being submitted on the IdeaExchange.

Keep up the momentum!

What now? The IdeaExchange has existed for 14 years and helped place more than 3,400 community-requested features on our product roadmaps, but our journey together doesn’t stop here. Continue to let us know how we can better connect you with other Trailblazers and Salesforce product teams. Log ideas for the IdeaExchange on the IdeaExchange! And stay connected to what’s in store next by joining the IdeaExchange group on the Trailblazer Community.

Ways to learn about the IdeaExchange

1. Hit the trail

Curious to know how you can help shape the Salesforce product roadmap by posting, sharing, and prioritizing ideas? Get answers and learn how to work with our product teams on the IdeaExchange by earning a shiny, new badge. Take the IdeaExchange Trailmix to dive deeper into the idea lifecycle and tune into the latest Trailhead Live: True to the Core session for the latest features and what’s coming next.

2. Stay updated

You can help shape the future of the IdeaExchange by joining the conversation in the IdeaExchange group on the Trailblazer Community. To receive updates about winning ideas and reminders before the start of each cycle, please make sure your communication preferences are set to receive Salesforce marketing emails, and opt in to IdeaExchange notifications on your profile.


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