Solve Manual Business Problems with Pre-Built Flows

Solve Manual Business Problems with Pre-Built Flows


Salesforce Admins know that automation is essential to help teams work better. But sometimes, it’s hard to know how to start translating manual processes into automated workflows. Perhaps your teams need a better way to approve cancellation requests for ecommerce purchases or send documents to insurance policy holders. Salesforce Flow helps #AwesomeAdmins like yourself automate existing processes to make them both easier and faster for your teams. And that’s where our pre-built automation solutions, standard flows and flow templates, come into play by enabling you to automate right away.

What are standard flows and flow templates?

We’ve told you about the flow templates in the AppExchange before and how they enable you to jump-start building flows. With the ability to look under the hood and see how partners have used Flow Builder to create flows, it makes it easy to know exactly where to begin. Standard flows take you one step further with pre-built flows that are unique to each industry and line of business. You can simply configure these workflows to fit your business needs and use cases without leaving your Salesforce application. With quick access to these out-of-the-box flows, you are empowered to reach your goals fast.

As of the Spring ’21 Release, there are 63 standard flows for commerce, industries, service, and sales that streamline the most common manual processes. We are actively designing and releasing more of these flows to continue to improve our customers’ existing processes. For example, using the available Order Management Cancel Item Standard Flow, you can create an experience that allows customer service reps to successfully cancel existing ecommerce orders at the request of your customers.

The Order Management Cancel Item Standard Flow in Flow Builder

What’s the difference between the two? They both function the same, but standard flows are provided as part of your Salesforce application and flow Templates can be installed from our partners via the AppExchange.

Here are some of the key benefits of using standard flows and flow templates:

  1. Access industry best practices — Explore how Salesforce and our partners have built seamless flows, and mirror those techniques for your own.
  2. Tailor flows to your specific business needs — Evaluate whether the flows match your exact needs and further customize them.

Whether you use standard flows or flow templates, these pre-built flows allow you to automate without hesitation.

How do I access standard flows and flow templates?

Standard flows are already available in your Salesforce application, making it easy for you to configure them to your unique business processes. The flows most applicable to you will automatically appear depending on industry and line of business. Simply navigate to Setup, click to expand the Process Automation drop-down, and select Flows to view All Flows. Below, you can see the standard Flows for Service Cloud customers.

Standard Flows available to Service Cloud customers in Flow

Create a Case Standard Flow

Flow templates can be installed for free from the AppExchange. Once installed, you can access them from “All Flows” in Salesforce Flow.

Easily install Flow Templates from the AppExchange.

Standard flows and flow templates were designed to immediately improve common business processes. With these out-of-the-box flows, you can quickly implement automation to change how your teams work. Automation doesn’t have to be complex — and admins like yourself can automate now.

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