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Quickly Become Salesforce Experts with the Guidance Center


Editor’s note: This has been updated on May 19 with the latest information and resources for the Summer ’21 release.

As an #AwesomeAdmin, there’s always more to learn, and with so many resources at your disposal, it can be overwhelming to know where to look or start. But with the new Guidance Center, you don’t have to search endlessly for the most relevant trail or help article — all the best learning resources are tailored just for you in one place, right where you work in Salesforce.

We’re thrilled to get Sales Cloud and Service Cloud admins of any org started with the new Guidance Center right away. It will be easier than ever to implement best practices in your daily workflow and enable your entire company to be more efficient in their roles.

What is the Guidance Center?

The Guidance Center is designed to provide Sales Cloud and Service Cloud admins with guidance to assist with setting up and enhancing your Salesforce org. By filling out a brief questionnaire, you’ll receive learning content tailored towards your org and experience level wherever you are in the app. Whether you’re brand new to Salesforce or an expert, when you sign in to the app, you’ll get personalized recommendations for the best videos, Trailhead modules, In-App Guidance, Help articles, and more. With resources accessible directly in Salesforce, you can spend your time learning, not searching for answers to your questions.

The Guidance Center in a Salesforce org.

How do I access the Guidance Center?

We’ve made it easy for you to access the Guidance Center while you work. Just log in, click the Trailhead icon in the global header (pictured below), and start exploring. In the Summer ’21 release, admins of any org can access it in the app.

The Global Header, where you can access the Guidance Center

Access the Guidance Center via the Global Header

As part of this release, Premier Success Plan customers can access additional resources such as exclusive webinars and more. We’re always looking for ways to improve our learning resources to be more relevant for you. Let us know if you have ideas by utilizing the feedback feature in the Guidance Center.


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