Einstein in a Trailblazer Hoodie next to text that says, "Build Your Admin AI Skills with These New Trailhead Modules."

Build Your Admin AI Skills with These New Trailhead Modules


There’s never been a better time to flex your #AwesomeAdmin learner’s mindset and build your skills in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) products and growth. In Being an AI-Minded Admin, we talked about how it’s critical for #AwesomeAdmins to develop their AI skills and knowledge. Whether it’s upcoming Salesforce Platform features that make various tasks far more efficient or existing AI products that generate information like SOQL queries, understanding how to use essential AI tools is increasingly important as AI creates more and more touch points in our lives.

We’re happy to announce that Trailhead—Salesforce’s free online learning platform—has added fresh AI-related content to help #AwesomeAdmins explore fundamental AI concepts and more. Let’s take a look!

1. Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

Start with the basics. What do we mean when we say AI? How does machine learning (ML) work to create the models that run them? This introductory module walks you through the fundamentals of AI; by understanding them, you can better prepare yourself and your organization to utilize new AI technologies. Complete the Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals module.

2. Generative AI Basics

The most popular rise in AI centers around generative AI. From crafting images to polishing resumes, these tools have tons of potential for people. But how do they work? And how do you work with them? Learn about this and more in this module. Complete the Generative AI Basics module.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Basics

At the heart of the interaction between humans and generative AI is the prompt. What is the text you’re sending to the machine, and how does it take that and convert it into a request? How do some AI models manage to sound more “human” than others? This module walks you through the details of what happens when you talk to AI. Complete the Natural Language Processing Basics module.

4. Data Analytics Fundamentals

Modern AI is powered with very large datasets. What insights can AI help you glean from your own data? How can you use AI to make better predictions about your data? In this module, find out how you can leverage AI to better analyze the data in your cloud. Complete the Data Analytics Fundamentals module.

5. Correlation and Regression

AI can be trained and modeled using the correlation of various data points as well as by building predictive models through regression. With this module, you’ll get a glimpse into how the interactions between data make AI tick. Complete the Correlation and Regression module.

6. Responsible Creation of Artificial Intelligence

Trust is our #1 value here at Salesforce, and it should be top of mind when creating and maintaining AI models. What are some of the ethical questions that arise when leveraging AI models and making them open to users? How can data affect the bias within a data model? Discover some of the factors involved in the responsible creation of AI with this module. Complete the Responsible Creations of Artificial Intelligence module.

7. Quick Looks into Salesforce AI tools

How will Salesforce utilize AI across its various products? How does Salesforce use it today? Get a quick look into our various offerings with these badges, specifically:

Wait, there’s more!

Trailhead has plans to offer even more content on topics focused on AI, data, and CRM in the coming months. Keep an eye on this space as it rolls out. AI has a lot of potential for Salesforce Admins and users, and we’ll keep you in the know along the way!


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