Introducing Prompt Builder.

Introducing Prompt Builder: Activate Prompts in the Flow of Work


Editor’s note: This post was updated on February 27, 2024, with the latest information and resources.

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has brought tremendous value to the everyday workflows of consumers, from upending how students study for exams to helping travelers quickly plan itineraries. While we’ve encountered firsthand how generative AI supercharges our daily tasks, we haven’t seen the same level of impact on our business workflows — until now. We’re super excited to announce the general availability of the latest generative AI technology designed for Salesforce Admins to easily activate trusted generative AI in their organizations without code: Prompt Builder.

What is Prompt Builder?

Prompts are the way we can communicate with a large language model (LLM), the technology behind generative AI such as ChatGPT. A good prompt makes a night and day difference when it comes to generating a relevant and effective output based on your intent. Say you want to use the popular natural language-to-image platform Midjourney to help you redesign your kitchen. As you can see in the screenshot below, the generative output differs dramatically when you provide specificity and context, which is known as grounding, and results in a much better output on the right. Having grounded prompts is the key to getting an effective solution that speaks the language of your business. The art of skillfully crafting the right prompt to generate the most accurate and useful response is known as prompt engineering.

Example of a bad versus good prompt in Midjourney.

But prompt engineering is especially hard for businesses due to three reasons:

  1. There’s no easy way for you to add the business context that you need for an effective output without manually entering all that data in the prompt.
  2. As a business, you need a secure way to share your data with the LLM, as you are obligated to protect both your customer’s data and your internal IP.
  3. AI-powered experiences are only powerful when they’re fully integrated within the flow of your work, without you having to manually swivel chair between generated output and your work.

We want to help companies bridge this gap, which is why we’re excited to announce that Prompt Builder is generally available as part of the Spring ’24 release.

Generating a Contact summary using the field generation template in Prompt Builder.]

Prompt Builder helps companies activate trusted generative AI in their organizations and allows admins to:

  • Build trusted generative AI with ease — Help your employees finish tasks faster by creating prompt templates that summarize and generate content with clicks.
  • Enrich prompts with your data — Create more relevant prompts grounded in your business data from the CRM, Data Cloud, Flow, and external sources.
  • Augment every business task — Build prompts once and reuse them everywhere in Einstein Copilot, Lightning pages, and flows.

What does this mean for admins?

Prompt Builder essentially turns every admin into a highly sought-after prompt engineer. This means you are now in the driver’s seat of the AI revolution, leading AI transformations by creating prompt templates and deploying generative AI for your company. Salesforce helps handle the complexity of incorporating LLMs in our platform, so you can focus on building the right generative AI experience to augment your team. When it comes to creating appropriate prompts for end users, no one is better at enriching prompts with the most relevant grounding data than an admin.

What experiences can admins create?

At general availability, we have three prompt template types you can use to supercharge every CRM tasks.

  • Sales email templates — Email is an easy starting point when you first dabble in the world of generative AI. You can build a prompt to automatically create emails with the click of a button that incorporates the important business context from your CRM data. If you’re an Einstein for Sales customer, you can even customize the five out-of-the-box email prompt templates to make them that much more effective.
  • Field generation templates — By assigning a prompt template to a field within Dynamic Forms, you’re able to turn that field into an AI-powered field where users can auto-generate summaries or descriptions based on CRM data.
  • Flex templates As the name suggests, you can create a variety of customized prompt templates with grounding data from multiple objects simultaneously, regardless of whether those objects are related or not.

Admins can invoke all prompt templates using a variety of platform tools such as Lightning web components, flows, Apex, and even Einstein Copilot. This means you can call a prompt template in any manner that’s most suitable to your organization’s needs and use them to augment an existing business process.

What’s next?

The immediate call to action for admins is to head to Trailhead where you’ll find modules on how to create effective prompts. Get ready for this revolution — go build those skills now! Prompt Builder will be prominently featured at TrailblazerDX this year. Join us live on Salesforce+ to go deep in learning and get hands-on!

You can also watch the Release Readiness Live Admin Preview to see a demo of Prompt Builder in action (starts at 16:29).


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