Introducing Prompt Builder.

Introducing Prompt Builder: Supercharge Every Workflow with Trusted AI Prompts


Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is not only the latest buzzword but has actually revamped our daily workflows, from upending how students study for exams to helping travelers quickly plan itineraries. While we’ve encountered firsthand how generative AI helps to supercharge our daily tasks, we haven’t seen the same level of impact on our business workflows—until now. We’re super excited to announce the pilot of the latest generative AI technology designed for Salesforce Admins to easily create AI-powered experiences without code: Prompt Builder.

What is Prompt Builder?

Prompts are the way we can communicate with a large language model (LLM), the algorithm behind generative technologies such as ChatGPT. A good prompt makes a night and day difference when it comes to an effective output based on your intent. Say you want to use the popular natural language-to-image platform, Midjourney, to help you redesign your kitchen. As you can see in the screenshot below, the generative output differs dramatically when you provide specificity and context, which is known as grounding, and results in a much better output on the right. Having grounded prompts is the key to getting an effective solution from the LLMs.

Example of a bad versus good prompt in Midjourney.

But prompt engineering is especially hard for businesses due to three reasons.

  1. To start off, there’s no easy way for you to add the business context that you need for an effective output without manually entering all that data into an LLM.
  2. That, in turn, creates a separate problem; as a business, you’re obligated to protect both your customer’s data and your internal IP.
  3. Lastly, AI-powered experiences are only powerful when they’re fully integrated within the flow of your work, without you having to manually swivel chair between AI magic and your work.

We want to help companies bridge this gap, which is why we’re introducing Prompt Builder.

Introducing Prompt Studio: Supercharge every workflow with trusted AI prompts.

Prompt Builder is the first low-code prompt management tool that allows you to:

  • Build, test, and fine-tune trusted AI prompts within the Einstein Trust Layer that mask any sensitive information and limit bias and toxicity.
  • Ground AI prompts with dynamic CRM data via Merge fields and Flow for dynamic data input involving complex logic.
  • Enable prompted actions across Salesforce Customer 360 for a variety of assistive use cases on both desktop and mobile.

What does this mean for admins?

Prompt Builder essentially turns every admin into a highly sought-after prompt engineer. This means admins can be at the forefront of this AI revolution. You’re no longer constrained by how technical LLMs can be, and instead can focus on building the experiences that are deeply embedded in the flow of work, while adding and enriching prompts better than anyone else.

What experiences can admins create?

Prompt Builder will be available in a closed, paid pilot in our October, Winter ’24 Release. The first two use cases we’ll enable as part of our pilot are Email Generation and Field Generation.

  • With Email Generation, you can build a prompt to automatically create emails with the click of a button that incorporates the important business context from your CRM data. If you’re already a Sales Cloud Einstein customer, you can even customize the out-of-the-box prompts that come with your AI credits to make the emails even more effective.
  • With Field Generation, you can bring generative AI-assisted workflows to EVERY field within a Salesforce record to auto-generate summaries or descriptions based on CRM data.

As Prompt Builder becomes generally available (GA), it will support any out-of-the-box prompt templates developed by every cloud, industry, or ISV so customers can customize and continue to enrich with their own data.

What’s next?

If you’re interested in getting hands-on with Prompt Builder, reach out to your account rep to join the closed pilot.


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