Cheryl Feldman

Prior to joining Salesforce as a Product Manager, Cheryl was a Salesforce customer for nearly 18 years where she held roles as a Salesforce Admin, Salesforce BA, Sales Ops Manager, Solution Architect, and Product Owner. Cheryl has always been passionate about helping Salesforce Admins and is excited that in her new role she can help bring to life some new products for Salesforce Admins. When Cheryl is not working, she loves spending time with her family and her dog, Chloe.

So You’re a Salesforce Admin…What’s Next?

Last week I was listening to Shell Black on the Button Click Admin Podcast and something that was said really resonated with me.  Shell Black was talking about the differences between an “order taking admin” and that of a consultant.  I immediately started to think when admins make that progression from just doing what they’re […]