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Learn MOAR in Winter ’23 with Permission Sets in Field Creation


Follow and complete a Learn MOAR Winter ’23 trailmix for admins or developers by November 30, 2022, 11:59 PM PT to earn a special community badge and enter for a chance to win one of five $200 USD Salesforce Certification vouchers. Restrictions apply. Learn how to participate and review the Official Rules by visiting the Trailhead Quests page.

New tools to manage user access!

In Winter ’23, Salesforce Admins will have even MOAR tools to manage user access in their environments.

Set Field-Level Security for Permission Sets During Field Creation (Beta)

For the past 3 years, we’ve consistently told our customers and partners that permission sets are the future of user management. However, it’s been time consuming for admins to build within the permission sets structure because only profiles were displayed as a step in the field creation wizard. Well, we heard you at True to the Core last year and on the Idea Exchange. And now, we’re thrilled to share that in Winter ’23 we’ve made it easier than ever to manage user access with permission sets, by making them available during field creation!

How can you get started with permission sets during field creation? Head to your User Management settings and toggle the option for Field-Level Security for Permission Sets during Field Creation (Beta).

Enabling the option for Field-Level Security for Permission Sets during Field Creation (Beta)].

Once you enable this setting, the next time you (or another admin) create a new field, change a field type, or use the Set Field-Level Security button on a field, you’ll see permission sets instead of profiles in the field creation wizard! You’ll be shown permission sets that have CRUD access to the object you’re creating the field on. If there are no permission sets with CRUD access on the object you’re creating the field on, then all permission sets will show.

Establishing field-level security for permission sets.

If no permission sets have CRUD access to the object where you’re creating the field, then all permission sets that you can edit will show. If there are no custom permission sets available in your org, then no permission sets will show.

If you do need to go back to using profiles, you can simply toggle this setting off in User Management settings.

Here are a couple other things to note.

  • The Set Field-Level Security button also follows the same behavior as the field creation wizard.
  • The View Field Accessibility button has not been updated yet, as that not only takes into account field-level security but also page layout visibility. I’m working with the teams that manage page layouts and dynamic forms to figure out the best path forward for this button.

See these new features in action!

Don’t forget to watch the Winter ’23 Admin Preview on September 22 during Release Readiness Live to see demos of a subset of these new, exciting features. Be sure to check out the Learn MOAR Winter ’23 for Admins Trailmix and follow along on the blog this week for more Learn MOAR!

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