AI for Admins Series

Keep up with the AI for Admins blog series so you can drive productivity, focus on the right tasks, and enhance business processes with Salesforce Einstein. Each post in the series highlights a different product area, diving deep on some Artificial Intelligence features and giving you loads of example use cases.

Einstein standing next to text that says "AI for Admins: Einstein Case Classification." AI for Admins: What You Need to Know to Make Einstein Case Classification a Success

Many Salesforce Admins are looking for ways to help scale their organization’s customer service experience. This can include finding solutions to increased case volume and optimizing agents’ time so they can solve customer issues faster, instead of just triaging them. One way to accomplish all of this is with Einstein Case Classification. Read more.

Increase Customer Understanding with Einstein Bots Natural Language Processing

I love Einstein Bots because they help lighten the load on customer-facing teams. By handling basic tasks, they free up your employees to tackle the tougher questions. The number of digital shoppers increased by 40% in Q1 of 2020, and more customers are relying on digital systems to get information, process returns, and troubleshoot problems. And as a Salesforce Admin, you have everything you need to create a bot that can listen to your customers. Read more.

A Closer Look at Einstein Activity Capture

As a Salesforce Admin, you implement tools to reduce busywork for sales teams so that they can focus on the more important stuff. You know, like working on actual deals. One common busywork rabbit hole is the never-ending task of keeping data up to date between Salesforce and email and calendar applications. Einstein Activity Capture has evolved over the past few years to become the leading Salesforce solution for managing data flow between applications. Here’s a quick overview to help get you started with Einstein Activity Capture. Read more.

What You Can Do with Einstein Opportunity Scoring

“We don’t really know.” “We will try it and then find out.” These are the typical answers I get when I ask customers how they will use Einstein Opportunity Scoring, a feature that uses artificial intelligence to tell you the likelihood that an opportunity will be won. Not having a clear sense of why to use a product is a recipe for low adoption, frustration, and, eventually, indifference. And as an #AwesomeAdmin, it’s your job to help your users understand the benefit and the WIIFY (what’s in it for you/them). Read more.

Freemium Einstein Features Included with Your Salesforce Edition

If you haven’t explored Einstein features in your Salesforce org yet, now is the time! There are a ton of free features available to help you and your users, no matter what your use case is. Einstein uses artificial intelligence to help you and your users focus on the right deals, make the right recommendations, send the right content at the right time, and more. Read more.

AI for Admins: Improve Users’ Search Results with Einstein Search Personalization

Your users don’t have time to go on a scavenger hunt every time they need information. Getting to know how each user works is at the heart of how personalization delivers a unique experience. Save time and clicks by enabling Einstein Search Personalization, now Generally Available in Winter ’21! Read more.