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Last week my mom earned her second badge on Trailhead. She’s retired, so she isn’t in the job market but she was so excited that she could get a new skill all on her own. Over lunch she told me about a computer class she tried to take in the early ’90s. “I’ve learned more in these two modules than that week long class, and I could do at my own pace.”

Early in my career as an Admin I guess I took learning about Salesforce for granted. Anytime I hit a wall in my knowledge, I would start hunting for the answer. And usually I found an article to read or a video to follow along. However, it was still up to me to learn the content. Trailhead makes finding the content and understanding it easier. So no more hunting around to find a video snippet here or some help text there- it’s all presented in an easy to understand module with challenges to check your understanding.

Start blazing with fresh new features in Trailhead

The community can answer a lot of the questions you have, and help you with many of your scenarios. But in the end, you are the one that has to build the validation rule, workflow, or process. We all have a lot going on every day, but somehow we still find time to eat. We can do the same by prioritizing 15 minutes a day to learn a new skill. Over lunch I used to watch Salesforce videos, in the same time you could do a Trailhead module. Tacos + Trailhead… mmmm learning goodness.

Show off your accomplishments

One of the many new features of Trailhead is that you now have the ability to show off your badges on your LinkedIn profile. Now you can show your boss, friends, and future professional connections that you have the hands-on experience with Salesforce.

Find what you need, faster

Showing off your accomplishments is great, but you need to find those modules first. With a new search experience, and new filters for trails, modules, and projects. In addition, we added more discoverability with filters by role, experience level, and products.

In addition to the new filters we have also added 3 languages, now you can learn in French, German, Japanese.

Take the first step

As a Salesforce Admin, you are uniquely positioned to lead your company by combining process improvements and technology. With Trailhead, we help you understand the technology by getting you a guided, hands-on experience so that you can learn Salesforce and have fun while you’re at it.

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