3 Reasons to use SalesforceA Every Day


As a Salesforce Admin you have to juggle many responsibilities- from gathering new requirements and implementing time-saving processes to training users on the latest features. Because we live a busy lifestyle we can’t always be behind our desk with our laptops to solve any issue that can arise. We are mobile and on the go, and thankfully Joshua Schneyer and the SalesforceA team have been working non-stop to provide Admins with a new and improved SalesforceA app. SalesforceA is both an iOs and Android app designed specifically for admins to perform essential, business-stopping user management on the go.

In case you missed last week’s webinar, the re-designed app includes new features and resources giving Admins the ability to manage critical functions from anywhere.

Here are the top 3 reasons admins can use this daily: 

Always on top of it

The new “real-time trust status” feature lets you know what is happening with your org at all times, from anywhere. From checking the status of your instance to seeing a timeline of recent service events, you’ll always be the first to know when/if something’s up. Additionally, you have easy access to event details.

Instant User Assistance

As any admin has experienced, users will contact you at all hours of the day – and often it’s a simple request such as resetting a password. Resolving a user’s issue from your phone in a couple seconds means time savings for you and them. Features in SalesforceA include: resetting passwords, freezing and unfreezing users, seeing user login history and even editing user details.

Resources at Your Fingertips

The Resources section includes links to Trailhead, Admin News & Events, Salesforce Trust, and Salesforce Answers. So if you’re looking for a quick reference in a release note, a thread in the success community, or location details on that admin event you were planning to attend, you can find it all without turning your computer on!

Those are just a few reasons the SalesforceA app is worth checking out. But we covered so much more in this 30 minute webinar- like best practices around providing business user support. Check out the video for more great best practices and advice to be an Awesome Admin!

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