10 Things I Love about Lightning Admins


Just over a year ago I joined the Salesforce Ohana as part of the Admin Marketing team. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing over 20 Salesforce Administrators for admin.salesforce.com/lightning – talking about everything from the innovative solutions you’re building on the Salesforce platform, your careers as Salesforce Admins, and more recently about how you’re using Lightning – the new Salesforce user experience – to drive innovation and create lasting impact.

Throughout the course of these interviews, I’ve been inspired by your dedication and passion to succeed in all facets of life. Here are some of the amazing characteristics I observed in all Admins that I interviewed, along with their Lightning videos. You’ll find out how and why they chose to roll out Lightning, as well as plenty of advice for learning more about Lightning.

1. Admins Are Awesome


Yes! The hashtag #AwesomeAdmin was created to reflect the immense amount of awesomeness emanating from the Admin community! You are all among the most creative people I know. When Salesforce launched Lightning back in 2014 you were also the first people to jump on board and embrace the new technology. Here’s a short 2-minute video featuring some #AwesomeAdmins talking about Lightning, and what it means to them.

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2. Admins Lead by Example


You are passionate about using technology to champion new ways of doing things and challenge the status quo. Admins like Mary Olsen Fajimi are using their role as a Salesforce Administrator to lead their company to the future with the best possible technology. To do this, Mary believes that listening to user feedback is key. That’s how she determined that Lightning was the way forward and has rolled it out with huge success.

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3. Admins Drive Innovation


You are passionate about using technology to drive innovation in your companies. A great example of this trait is Jonathan Morgan, who is constantly looking for new ways to streamline processes, save his users time, and deliver value for his company. He is using the new Reports and Dashboards in Lightning to help solve complex business problems and make more insightful decisions.

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4. Admins Pioneer with Curiosity


Another trait I see in our amazing Admin community is curiosity. Take Sam Safin for example. She uses Lightning as a way to pioneer new ideas and deliver value to the companies she works with. Being a naturally curious person, Sam asks herself every day, “Where can we take this?” .

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5. Admins are Future Makers


You are all thought leaders motivated to create positive results. As operational experts, you seek efficiency in everything you do, knowing that this is a key ingredient for future success. Upon learning about Lightning, #AwesomeAdmin Daniel Stange knew that this was the way forward and quickly learned how to use and build Lightning components to provide his users with a modern experience.

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6. Admins Create Impact


You are passionate about using technology as a way to create impact for your companies, your customers, and your communities. Kristi Guzman, believes that when rolling out Lightning, you need to embrace all the innovation that is coming. Knowing that Lightning is the innovative way of the future, Kristi wanted to roll it out to her users so that they could start to use all the new exciting features and create impactful results.

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7. Admins are Future Makers


You prioritize career growth and learning, knowing that you can learn anything you put your mind to. A large part of Michael White‘s Lightning rollout plan focused on learning. He turned to Trailhead, the Lightning Readiness Check, Salesforce release notes, and community led webinars to help him acquire the knowledge he knew was necessary to succeed in the world of Lightning.

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8. Admins Solve Complex Problems


You find innovative solutions to complex problems. Josh Anderson, was among the first Admins to roll out Lightning. Seeing Lightning as a competitive advantage, he uses it as a way to help him to think outside the box and create better processes.

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9. Admins Choose Their Own Adventure


As an admin, you know that every day is an adventure! You spend your days in the cloud and on the ground in a quest to become more efficient and more effective. Kori Kirkbride is passionate about productivity and discovering new ways to use technology to go further in her career.

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10. Admins are Trailblazers


You are all Trailblazers, leaders who leave a path for others to follow. Every one of you has blazed your own unique trail through Salesforce, like Melinda Smith who is using Lightning to create positive impact and make it easier for her users to be more productive and close deals faster.

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For more info, you can also visit admin.salesforce.com/lightning.

Remember to share the awesomeness! If you happen to know any #AwesomeAdmins (of course you do!), please share this post on Twitter, tag them and @salesforceadmns, and let them know why you think they are so awesome!

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