LeeAnne Rimel and Kara Callaway in an "Expert Corner" episode on a computer screen.

Develop Your Salesforce Admin Skills by Tuning Into #WatchWednesday on YouTube


We’re here to help Salesforce Admins continue to grow their careers and learn about all the amazing things that can be achieved on the Salesforce Platform. One way we aim to do this is by providing useful and entertaining videos on the Salesforce Admins YouTube Channel. In fact, almost every Wednesday a new video is uploaded to help Salesforce Admins learn more and develop their skill set in order to reach their full potential and deliver amazing results. Our team likes to call it #WatchWednesday!

If you’ve never tuned into the Salesforce Admins YouTube Channel, here’s a quick summary of our three current series, and one of our favorite episodes from each. Check them out and be sure to like, subscribe, and comment!

How I Solved It

Hosted by Jennifer Lee, Admin Evangelist, these informative videos are a deep dive into a specific business problem, and how one #AwesomeAdmin chose to solve it. In the below video, Jennifer chats with Skye Tyler about using a toggle and flow to escape validation rules.

Expert Corner

Hosted by Senior Director, Admin Evangelism, LeeAnne Rimel, Expert Corner features Salesforce Product Managers and experts, sharing new and upcoming features and functionality for admins. In the below video, LeeAnne chats with Senior Manager, Credentials, Jet Kasinger, to dive into how you can best prepare for your Salesforce certifications.

Did You Know?

Hosted by J. Steadman, Lead Admin Evangelist, Did You Know videos are short, insightful and conversational, giving #AwesomeAdmins a snapshot into all the cool product stuff they can do in Salesforce that they may not be aware of. In the below video, J. shares how you can reuse your Block Kit Templates in Slack. Watch this video to save yourself a lot of time and effort in just a few clicks!

We hope that you enjoy watching our new videos every #WatchWednesday—and if you do, be sure to subscribe to our channel—that way, you’ll never miss a new one!

Introducing the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit.

Introducing the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit

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The State of the Salesforce Admin in 2023.

The State of the Salesforce Admin in 2023

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Strategic Slack Channel Management.

Strategic Slack Channel Management for Salesforce Admins

As a Salesforce Admin, a good portion of our daily job is to be a functional leader within your organization. When you think about it, many of the users you support don’t report directly to you, yet they often benefit from your leadership and direction. So, apart from being a direct leader or managing people, […]