Introducing the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit.

Introducing the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit


How many times have you been asked, “So, what exactly does a Salesforce Administrator do?”

We get it, sometimes it’s hard to sum up everything you do, your expertise, and the impact you make at an organization in a clear and concise manner. Here’s the tough reality, though — your ability to communicate these important things can make or break your career. Enter the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit, a ready-to-go presentation kit that aims to empower you to talk about your role as a Salesforce Admin and the value you add to an organization.

Download the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit Today

This kit will help you communicate the impact both you (as a Salesforce Admin) and Salesforce (as a platform) has on your organization’s daily operations, influencing everything from the customer experience to data management to innovation. Watch this short video to learn more about the kit and how it can help you.

What’s included in the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit?

We worked alongside you — our Salesforce Admin community — to develop the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit. We listened to you and heard your feedback, and through this we learned that one of the key challenges you face is how to communicate more effectively with your stakeholders. We very much kept this in mind when designing the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit, as we want to empower you to not only deliver success at your organization but also talk about the amazing value you contribute. Here’s what’s included in the kit.

  • A ready-to-go presentation deck — including example talking points and guiding notes to help you gain confidence
  • Four demo videos including click paths and talking points to help you get comfortable showcasing Salesforce products and features
  • One instructional video — an end-to-end video of a Salesforce expert presenting the deck, so that you can see it in action
  • Additional resources tips along the way to help you be a successful Salesforce Admin

Customize the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit

One of the best things about the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit is that it’s fully customizable and you can make it your own! Follow these three steps to customize it.

  • Define your audience — Think about who would benefit from hearing the content. Whether you want to talk to executives, new hires, or sales managers, the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit has you covered.
  • Edit the slides for your audience — When customizing the presentation, you can take out the slides that aren’t relevant for your audience, modify the ones you want to present, or even add new ones. You can reference the speaker notes in the slides — they include not only suggested talking points but also additional guiding points to help you customize your presentation.
  • Determine when and how to present There’s no right or wrong way to use the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit. How you want to use it is completely up to you. For example, you may want to set up a regular weekly or monthly meeting to onboard new users. You may also want to set up ad hoc meetings with executives, particular teams, or other stakeholders.

Make the most of the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit

Let’s peek into the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit, and how to use it, with these five quick tips! Be sure to download the full Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit, as these slides are just a small sample of what’s available in the kit.

1. Review the detailed instructions.

Intro slides with detailed information on exactly what to do with the deck

2. Watch the intro video.

A video overview on getting the most out of the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit

3. Leverage the editable content and talk track.

Every slide contains editable creative elements and an extensive talk track for inspiration!

4. Customize the three chapters for your purposes.

The full presentation can run you 40 minutes end to end! Pick and choose based on your needs.

5. Learn the demos.

Demo talk tracks and demo videos on the Salesforce Admins YouTube channel

You can do this!

The Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit is designed to help ALL Salesforce Admins, regardless of your experience level. Use this kit to showcase not only the power of the Salesforce Platform but also the important role YOU play in helping drive the strategic vision guiding your organization. As with any presentation, tailoring it to your audience is key, so we’ve put together a few quick points to show the different things you might highlight for two of your stakeholders.

Presenting to Users

Presenting to Execs

• Focus on how Salesforce can help users achieve their goals and make their daily tasks more efficient.

• Communicate concepts in simple language; avoid technical jargon.

• Set up an easy way for users to provide feedback.

• Provide ongoing support to boost user confidence in Salesforce.

• Build trust with your users by creating an open and approachable environment.

• Highlight the impact of your work and how it contributes to productivity and long-term success.

• Demonstrate the success and return on investment of Salesforce with data and metrics.

• Articulate high-level concepts and outcomes concisely.

• Keep execs informed about milestones and potential challenges.

• Build positive relationships by showing that you understand their priorities and challenges.

Above all, when using the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit, remember to convey your passion and excitement for all the amazing work you do to add value to your organization. We can’t wait to hear all the creative ways you’re using the kit — be sure to share your experience using #AwesomeAdmin or by tagging us on X or LinkedIn.

Download the Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit Today


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