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How I Solved It: Now Available on Salesforce+ and YouTube


We’re excited to announce that the Salesforce+ series, “How I Solved It,” is now also available on the Salesforce Admins YouTube channel!

Launched earlier this year on our free streaming service, Salesforce+, this new, five-part series is a special edition of the popular “How I Solved It” series already available on YouTube.

Hosted by Principal Admin Evangelist Gillian Bruce, the series explores how Salesforce Admins solve business problems using automation, data, and security tools.

Excited? Check out the episodes on YouTube today!

Episode 1: Managing User Requests with Andrew Russo

Andrew builds a simple solution to manage user requests, leveraging skills from the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit: user management, designer’s mindset, and change management.

Episode 2: Automating Processes with Madeleine Coutanceau

Madeleine explains why process automation is key to being an effective Salesforce Admin. Essential Salesforce Admin skills discussed include process automation, product management, and attention to detail.

Episode 3: Problem Solving with Karmel James

Salesforce Admins solve problems, but not all problems are created equal! Check out how Karmel uses skills from the Salesforce Admins Skills Kit: problem solving, communication, and data management.

Episode 4: Security Management with Tony Nguyen

Watch how Tony protects his company from potential security breaches and uses skills from the Salesforce Admins Skills Kit: security management, learner’s mindset, and problem solving.

Episode 5: Project Management with Sarah Pilzer

Sarah explains how to help businesses find solutions to complex projects and demonstrates skills from the Salesforce Admins Skills Kit: project management, data analysis, and business analysis.

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