Season 2 "How I Solved It" Trailblazers

How I Solved It Season 2 Is Coming Soon to Salesforce+!


Cue the confetti—we’ve got a BIG announcement for our #AwesomeAdmin community!

We are very excited to announce the launch of Season 2 of the popular Salesforce+ series, “How I Solved It”!

Hosted by Principal Admin Evangelist Gillian Bruce, this series explores how Salesforce Admins solve business problems using automation, data, and design tools.

In each episode, we dive into a specific business challenge and show how one #AwesomeAdmin chose to solve it. You’ll also learn about the different skills used to build each solution.

The first episode of Season 2 “How I Solved It” premieres on Salesforce+ Wednesday, March 8, at 10:30 a.m. PT. A new episode will be released every Wednesday until April 12.

Excited? Check out the trailer below, plus a sneak peek into all six episodes.

Episode 1: Communicate Faster with Slack

#AwesomeAdmin Chance Martin solves an account communications problem using Slack and Flow.

Skills: communication, process automation, designer's mindset

Chance Martin in season 2 of "How I Solved It"

Episode 2: Automate Processes with Flow

#AwesomeAdmin Brittanee Charles solves a disconnected process using custom objects, Flow, and App Builder.

Skills: process automation, designer's mindset, attention to detail

Brittanee Charles in season 2 of "How I Solved It"

Episode 3: Deliver Business Insights

#AwesomeAdmin Jessie Whitney solves a performance tracking problem using a formula field, reports, and dashboards.

Skills: business analysis, communication, problem solving

Jessie Whitney in season 2 of "How I Solved It"

Episode 4: Deliver Insights with CRM Analytics

#AwesomeAdmin Preena Johansen solves a customer insights problem using CRM Analytics and App Builder.

Skills: data analysis, user management, product management

Preena Johansen in season 2 of "How I Solved It"

Episode 5: Design User Friendly Apps

#AwesomeAdmin Paolo Sambrano solves an inefficient service desk experience using App Builder and Flow.

Skills: designer's mindset, problem solving, business analysis

Paolo Sambrano in season 2 of "How I Solved It"

Episode 6: Manage Data with MuleSoft

#AwesomeAdmin Jen Cole solves an inefficient fulfillment and sales process using MuleSoft Composer.

Skills: data management, product management, process automation

Jen Cole in Season 2 of "How I Solved It"

Happy watching! Remember to share the awesome solutions YOU have built using #AwesomeAdmin on Twitter.


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