Salesforce Admin: Shonnah Hughes


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Favorite Hack: The Power of One
Admin Hero: Leyna Hoffer & SteveMo
Favorite Feature: Process Builder

Why did you become an Admin?

I was working at a small organization and, as comes with the territory, I was wearing multiple hats. As both an end user and default Salesforce Admin, I saw how I could create a better user experience for everyone. I became a Salesforce Admin because I wanted to empower my end users.

What is the most important skill for an Admin?

The most important skill for a Salesforce Admin is the ability to listen. Admins have to listen to business requirements, end user requests, developer feedback, and then come up with solutions based on what they hear, both at the organization level and end user level. When I work with my developers, it is my job to communicate my end users’ experience, which means I need to really put myself in their shoes. Admins have to be the ultimate communicator between departments and people, so you have to be able to listen to and represent all types of perspectives. Admins have to be a swiss army knife!

Tip: To be a better listener, stop talking!

What’s your advice to other Admins?

Be brave and listen. Learning Salesforce can be intimidating since there are so many features. Dig into the resources available to help you learn. Fine tune and refine your skills every opportunity you can, especially with Trailhead. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the community and ask for help.

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