Essential Habits for Salesforce Admins Just Got Bigger and Better


Essential Habits for New Admins has been a long-standing resource for #AwesomeAdmins everywhere. You may have seen it on stages at World Tours or Dreamforce. You can also watch it on any given Friday at 9:30 am PT on Trailhead Live. Why, you may ask, do we continue to run this session? Because developing strong habits to support your admin career is vital to your success! And now, we’re thrilled to share… Essential Habits for New Admins is expanding to include four new Trailhead Live episodes!

Three things you should know

  1. No matter where you are in your journey as an Admin, the Essential Habits for Salesforce Admins episodes will become a valuable tool in your toolbelt both for your own learning and for sharing with others to help them along.
  2. Second, if you’ve watched Essential Habits for New Admins already this year, you know that there are four core responsibilities all Salesforce Admins share: User Management, Data Management, Security, and Actionable Analytics. In the original session, we cover each responsibility in a few slides, then show you a few habits you can do to ensure you’re upholding these responsibilities. Now you can go deep into each core responsibility by watching the respective episode.  We’ll equip you with actionable habits you can adopt weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually to ensure that you can confidently accomplish everything.
  3. And finally, this series doesn’t have a “beginning” or “end,” — you can’t view them “out of order.” We designed these to be viewed in whatever order you need, dive in where you need!

Essential Habits for Salesforce Admins: User Management

Watch on-demand!
In this episode, hear expert advice and get actionable takeaways for managing logins, communicating with and training users, and optimizing the user experience.

Essential Habits for Salesforce Admins: Data Management

Watch on-demand!
In this episode, we’ll dive into the core responsibility of Data Management and the habits you need to build to successfully master it: export data, review duplicates, create a data dictionary, refresh sandboxes, delete junk, and run Optimizer.

Essential Habits for Salesforce Admins: Security

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In this episode, we’ll learn valuable information and receive expert tips to keep your org secure. We’ll cover how to review roles, profiles, and permissions sets; run Health Check, align with IT, and review login history.

security image

Essential Habits for Salesforce Admins: Actionable Analytics

Watch on-demand! 
In this episode, we’ll cover the best ways to review key reports, meet with business leaders, report on report usage, check custom report types, and update business performance metrics. You’ll learn how to develop each habit, with expert advice and key actionable takeaways for you to implement right away.

So, you’ve watched all the Essential Habits episodes…now what? Keep learning with us! We have a trailmix created just for Essential Habits that you can follow and complete. We also want you to share your knowledge with the #AwesomeAdmin community! Here are two easy things you can do each week:

  • Share your own habit or tip that you consider essential to your role on Twitter with the hashtag #AwesomeAdmin – that way the other #AwesomeAdmins out there can find your tips and learn from you as well!
  • On Twitter or in the Trailblazer Community share an episode (or four!) with another Admin, especially if they are new. Helping each other learn and succeed is just one of many things the Salesforce community does best!

We hope you’ll join us for all four episodes of Essential Habits for Salesforce Admins!

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