Admin Best Practices: Reports and Dashboards


No matter where you are in your #AwesomeAdmin journey, you’ve no doubt learned that reports and dashboards are a fundamental part of your business. But if you’re newer to learning how to build reports, you may have questions. You may be wondering about best practices or the most effective way to display data. Well, thanks to a recent Trailhead Live with Architect Admin Evangelist LeeAnne Rimel, you can get a quick, 30-min overview on how to best approach report building, how to navigate report builder, and how to build impactful dashboards that showcase all the critical information your stakeholders need.

LeeAnne walks you through the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of reporting to make sure you ask the correct questions to build the most effective reports. She covers how to build your first report and where to find the information you’ll need. And finally, she shows you how to troubleshoot reports.

You can watch the entire Trailhead Live recording when you click through the image below! ⬇️

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