✔︎ Your Checklist to Roll Out Lightning


It’s the second week of Month of Lightning and we’re diving into how to roll out Lightning. This week, focus on planning, configuring, and launching Lightning Experience to a small group of people (or even just one person).

Check Yourself

We compiled a checklist of actions you can take this week to rollout Lightning and by the end of the week, we want to see how far you’ve come!

Complete the Lightning Rollout trailmix
Identify users for a pilot of Lightning Experience – use the Lightning Experience Readiness Report to develop your strategy
Create the change management plan – use this worksheet to help you plan
☐ Create a Lightning User permission set
☐ Upgrade an app from Classic to Lightning

Download this checklist.

Get Help

If at any point you feel stuck, we have a lot of resources available to you, and a community of #AwesomeAdmins waiting to help! We’ll also be sharing more content this week. Don’t miss tomorrow’s post on Activity Actions! Check the Month of Lightning page for what’s coming up throughout the week and the rest of the month.

Salesforce has so many resources for you to get skilled up on Lightning. Here are some to help you along the way this week:


  • Identify superusers and create a pilot group:
    • Use the Lightning Experience Readiness Report to see what areas of your org are ready for Lightning Experience and pick some superusers in those departments or teams:
    • Create a Lightning User Permission Set and assign it to your pilot group:
    • Have them work in Lightning for two weeks
    • Schedule one-on-one meetings with them to get their feedback
    • Tune your Lightning Experience configuration to fit their needs



Build a change management strategy that includes:

  • Communications: A structured project communication strategy and plan supports the consistent, coordinated delivery of the right messages, from the right sender to the right audience.
  • Training: Develop a role-based system and process education plan to support initial deployment and future training needs.

Get involved this week!

  • Share your best Lightning Experience rollout tip on Wednesday, September 20, 2017
  • Find us on twitter and the success community using #LightningNow and the group: Lightning Now

Lightning Rollout Phases

This checklist is designed for admins in the rollout phase of Lightning. If you’re not there yet, check out the discover checklist!

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