Get #Buildspiration with Summer ’19 In-App Guidance


Get your #buildspiration from the Summer ’19 release! We are sharing five of our favorite release features for Admins (and Developers) as part of the The MOAR You Know learning journey. Get the release highlights as curated and published by our evangelists. Complete the trailmix by July 31, 2019, to get a special community badge, and unlock a contribution of $10 to FIRST.

As an #AwesomeAdmin, you are the Salesforce champion at your organization and you’re always looking to optimize the user experience. Ideally, you would sit next to everyone all day long, shadow them as they use the system, and point out helpful ways to maximize their productivity using Salesforce. However, that’s not very practical or realistic and probably pretty tiring for you! 😅

You’d like to bring your “advice” to your users where they already are – in Salesforce! That’s where the new “In-App Guidance” feature comes in handy.

Think of In-App Guidance as your way to give your users help, in your words, right inside the app. You can create pop-up windows to help onboard and train your users, you can include links to other resources, like a website that houses your internal documentation, your Salesforce Support Chatter group, or this very website (hint hint!). You can activate this feature in Setup | User Engagement | In-app Guidance. You have a few key decisions to make with In-App Guidance:

  • Choose what page(s) you’d like your prompt to show up on
  • Choose how often you’d like your users to see the prompts
  • Collect additional resource links you may want to send your users to

Share your #Buildspiration

This is a really cool feature and I can’t wait to see all of you put it to good use! Please share your In-App Guidance photos with us using the #AwesomeAdmin #buildspiration hashtag!

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